Denied! Part II: The Role of University of Nebraska – Lincoln

I know the bureaucrat who screwed up my wife’s chances at getting a temporary work visa. She works at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. And the school’s offer to help is beyond insulting.

DHS: Not their Fault?

Those who read Part I recall that Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services rejects, without the ability to appeal, my wife’s temporary work application because she already graduated. (She, of course, is still in school, so we don’t even have the luxury of a true-but-absurd reason but denial.)

Because we were applying for the work permit as part of “OPT” (the Optional Practical Training that’s at the tail-end of a student visa), one of the forms had to be completed and signed by a school official. That is, the information on the form does not come from the student but from the academic institution (which, presumably, is more used to American laws, more competent, etc.). It is one this form that this particular official wrote the impossible graduation date of July. This bureaucrat provided Homeland Security with false information, which lead to the denial.

The Result of UNL’s Incompetence

But of course, realizing their mistake, the University rushes to correct it? Of course not!

We were able to fix the dates on your I-20 however you will either have to file a motion to re-open or to reapply for the OPT which both cost about the same and take about the same amount of time. Please let us know what you would like to do.

So we are offered the pleasure of spending several hundred dollars to fix their mistake.

Considering that it takes two months to process the permit, and we are about two months from the probable interview date for Permanent Residency (Advanced Parole), we won’t go through the process again. So we’re left with official incompetence and some bitterness.

But at least we know the bureaucrat’s name.