A fun game to watch

Certainly the one point (41-40) victory over Ball State by our Nebraska Cornhuskers was not particularly confidence-boosting, but it certainly was a fun game to listen to on Huskers Radio Network. (The televised presentation was on pay-per-view, so instead of spending that money sitting on my couch it goes to gas for a trip to South Dakota and back.)

As the commentators announced, the game was a tennis match, in that both defenses melted and it was assumed that the office would score. The darkest moment was falling behind Ball State by 9 points, at which point I began muttering “Someone better be fired” — but we pulled a Wake Forest-style comeback, and escaped with something resembling dignity.

For 7 of the last 9 minutes of the game I was driving parallel to two different electricity lines, so my reception went to zero. But once I got off the highway I heard the last few seconds just fine — including their bizarre, 3rd down, 55 yard fake-fieldgoal. (That’s something I would pull on the Playstation 2!)