Trackback Spam

Probably a hundred false “track backs” — a type of spam that hurts blogs — have been getting through my blog service provider’s (blogspirit’s) filters a day. This has been going on for a week.

What’s most annoying is blogspirit’s terrible (read: nonexistent) communication with its clients. What’s going on? Technical incompetence? An attempt at installing a new system? A shakedown by the internet mafia? What?

Blogspirit: Bad service, worse communication.

6 thoughts on “Trackback Spam”

  1. I'm going to go with “internet mafia.” And I say you should go up against them — they're likely the most ineffective mafia ever, because it's very difficult to break one's enemies' kneecaps via email. 😉

  2. Or the Military-Sysadmin Industrial complex has expanded and in retaliation for your blogging about your problems with DHS due to your schools screwing up… you get this in return.

    Who needs British commandos blowing up bridges when you’ve got blog spam?

  3. blogspirit has other problems as well. I've had it happen several times where I would click on a comment to the right to catch up on a thread– only to bring up a page dating back to before my own last comment.

    Every so often, in a fit of ego, I think about starting my own blog. If I ever give in to that fit, I won't be using blogspirit.

  4. Michael,

    Blogspirit has directly refused my request to add a white list of users. And their spam filter is really, really suspicious. Yet all these trackbacks get through.



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