Good news from University of California

The University of California’s flagship campus in Berkeley is making waves. Not only are the Golden Bears currently #3 in the NCAA Football standings — but they’ve put hundreds of hours of lecture video online!

I’m currently listening to Physics 10 – Lecture 23: Relativity II. If you thought MIT OpenCourseWare or iTunes on Campus was cool… you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The website:

2 thoughts on “Good news from University of California”

  1. Free learning! Absolutely awesome. Thank you for pointing this out; I’m definitely going to check out the “Technology, Society, and Business” course.

    (And thank you for taking on all the world’s spam, by the way.)

  2. As we used to say in Berkeley, “ROLL ON YOU BEARS!”

    Funny story about Phys 10: that’s the “Physics for Poets” class (i.e., no math) for humanities majors to cover their science requirement. One of Berkeley’s many Nobel laureates, Prof. Owen Chamberlain, strolled into his Phys 10 class one Fall morning and started deriving and solving Hamiltonians on the board. Heavy duty differential equations.

    Only when one of his TAs stopped him did he realize he was giving the lecture for his later class (Advanced Quantum Theory) to a classroom filled with now-terrified humanities majors.

    sf/ shane
    Cal ’89

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