OODA Alpha, Introduction: From ‘Variations’ to Publication

I’m in the middle of a really fun project. I am writing a paper for a professor on the OODA loop in education. Our goal is to get it published in a top-line theoretical journal that focuses on Educational Psychology. Additionally, I am hoping to turn it into the “Literature Review” section of a disertation proposal and, ultimately, build a dissertation off it.

Over the next two weeks, I am serializing the current version of the article into a tdaxp series. Consider this an “alpha” release. What follows is a foreshadowing of what to come, though much improved from my earlier “Variations of the OODA Loop. With two exceptions (a true “Introduction” and an overview of other Information Processing models) all the major sections that will appear are there. But the writing style is still closer to my note-taking style that it is to what is common in journals, and many of the references will fall away as later iterations focus more space on fewer sources.

I have two main motives for posting this. One, of course, is hoping for positive comments re-inforcing where I’ve gone right. But even more valuable are comments on where I have gone wrong. Your help is infinitely valuable, and as easy as commenting on anything that caches your interest.

Thank you for reading.

OODA Alpha, a tdaxp series
1. Abstract
2. Dual Processing Systems
3. The OODA Loop
4. Decision
5. Orientation
6. A Theory of Mind
7. Reorientation
8. Disorientation
9. Education
10. Instruction
11. Student Interaction
12. Creativity
13. Conclusion
14. Bibliography