DirectBuy Spam: The Good, the Bad, the Strange, and the Ugly

Earlier today I described a typical DirectBuy spam website. Further investigation that spam is playing a larger role in the propagation of DirectBuy in the wake up Dozier Internet Law’s incompetent bullying on their behalf than I thought.

The blogs mentioned below are spam blogs, meaning that the are created by computer algorithms. They steal content from other sites, sometimes linking back to the original site, and display oversized ads to generate revenue. “Good” spam blogs are those that at least are helping spread the word about Direct Buy’s tactics (however unwittingly). “Bad” spam blogs appear to be set up by DirectBuy in an attempt to squelch public participation. The “ugly” … well, read on:

The Good
“Business Teacher” links (twice!) to my post on Donald E. Morris while displaying an oversized google ad.

“Internet & Web-Related Blog Feeds” links to Dozier’s history of unhappy clients.

“Lemon Law Directory” is a strange spam blog with no ads (I guess it is used to link to other spam blogs — it appears to be both automated and “clean”) that noticed by full-text of the ‘copyrighted’ cease-and-desist.” “Puykif” links to the same post.

The Bad
“Recommender: Shopping Questions and Answers” appears to have an astroturf “question” that directs readers to dynamic appointment, a front organization for DirectBuy.

The Ugly
Adisgusting spam site has a post titled “Hacking is Wikipedia? DirectBuy” that uses a half-paragraph from my article, “Is DirectBuy Hacking Wikipedia?” to display a large photo advertisement of “Adult Friend Finder members near New York.” (Even worse, of the twelve females shown, only one is actually attractive. Eek!)

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