More Blog Reactions to the DirectBuy / Dozier Internet Law Scandal

Aside from my initial post, the blog reactions to DirectBuy and Dozier Internet Law I have posted have all been before Public Citizen and Slashdot got into the debate. (For the background of the story, check out my preliminary case study.)

As time goes on, though, more and more bloggers are picking up the story of the DirectBuy / Dozier Internet Law strategic lawsuit against public participation.

Modemac briefly writes “Direct Buy sends a threatening letter to, then threatens the blog author for copyright violation if he dares to publish the letter itself on his site‘” whereas Patry Copyright Blog writes an encyclopedia article on the case.

I Hate Linux has published a follow-up to his first post on the scandal, while Primrose Road has taken notice, as well.

Additionally, a poster over at the 13th Man Direct Buy’s tactics “enlightening.”

Legal Research Blog and The Consumer post their thoughts, too, for good measure.

Jim River Report has headlines reading “Attention: Dozier Internet Law,” “Dozier Internet Law,” and “DirectBuy.”

The best follow-up, however is Curtis’s discovery that John Dozier’s comment on behalf of Dozier Internet Law was partially plagiarized from another web site, in violation of their terms-of-use and copyright! Ha ha ha!

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