Plagiarism and the Dozier Law Firm

Dozier Intenret Law is tied to the world of plagiarism in three ways. One is by coincidence. The other by suspicion. The last is indisputable.

Coincidentally, the story of Dozier acting as hired thugs for DirectBuy has been picked up by Plagiarism Today. The article goes into some depth, link to the four factors of fair use and is very worth reading.

By suspicion, the open letter posted on Dozier’s home page cites cases first uncovered by Curtis Weeks, as I discussed in my preliminary case study. It is these stories that let Dozier post “UK Court finds that business dispute demand letter protected by copyright laws” as “Latest News” at the firm’s homepage. But ultimately, such cases may be straightforward to find, so nothing can be proven.

Indisputably,, the rant by John Dozier posted on New York Personal Injury Law Blog includes material lifted, without attribution, from (Curtis found this, too!).

Why anyone would want to hire a lawyer that’s so apt destroying their client’s reputation and violationg the copyright of others is beyond me.

One thought on “Plagiarism and the Dozier Law Firm”

  1. “Why anyone would want to hire a lawyer that's so apt destroying their client's reputation and violationg the copyright of others is beyond me.”

    The problem with hiring an attorney is that most have no idea what they are doing when they acquire one. Most people either open up their phone book (one of the few times these days) or get recommendations from friends.

    Most people don't know they have a bad lawyer until it is too late.

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