The DozierInternetLaw / Direct Buy case comes closer to mainstream media attention

The DirectBuy home improvement firm has been the subject of numerous investigations, and Dozier Internet Law‘s “cyberlawyers” mishandling of a client’s case made the Franchise Times. So both companies are used to bad publicity from their business practices. Now it appears that their lawsuit against Infomercial Scams (check out the Public Citizen and tdaxp summaries) is creeping ever so close to mainstream media coverage.

Walter Olson of Overlawyered, who appears on Fox News, Headline News, and other shows as a legal expert, has an excellent case on the Direct Buy / Dozier case titled “Nastygram: Don’t you dare post this nastygram on the web.”

Read it.

Additionally, South Dakota Politics, a blog featured prominently in the real-life election thriller Daschle vs. Thune, also joins the fray.

And if all that isn’t enough to attract your attention, John Dozier’s bizarre public statements have attracted a second post by Public Citizen.

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