OODA Alpha, Part VI: A Theory of Mind

The above description of the OODA loop, and particularly of orientation and decision, report a metatheoretical description of cognition. Like all metathories, the above discussion “ is a proposal about the basic assumptions that would undergird a plausible theory” but does not describe mechanisms that could be tested (Moshman, 2005, 71).

While specific empirical tests are beyond the scope of a theoretical review, it is nonetheless important to outline the mechanisms that would be used in such a theoretical test. Below, two mechanisms from Boydian psychology, reorientation and disorientation, are described.

OODA Alpha, a tdaxp series
1. Abstract
2. Dual Processing Systems
3. The OODA Loop
4. Decision
5. Orientation
6. A Theory of Mind
7. Reorientation
8. Disorientation
9. Education
10. Instruction
11. Student Interaction
12. Creativity
13. Conclusion
14. Bibliography