"Scofflaw Bloggers:" The Dozier Taxonomy of Wicked Netizens

Dozier Internet Law is a “cyber law firm”that specializes in litigation related to the internet. For background, see the Cuppy’s Coffee and DirectBuy case studies. However, as “cyber lawyers” the guys at Dozier clearly pay a lot of attention to the internet, as well.

While John Dozier has a blog, he rarely updates it. Instead, he appears to use his company’s website to pen “news” entries. John’s last message allowed us to link to it. The current one, titled “Scofflaw Bloggers,” does not have such a “yes you may link to this page” notice. Therefore, links throughout this post to not go to any of John’s websites, out of respect for him, but rather other sources of information about the company.

“Scofflaw Bloggers” provides a taxonomy of “persona[e] and motivation[s]” that have “arisen and infiltrated the mainstream blogosphere” since CDA SS 230. The post appears to be in reaction to criticism of Dozier from internet news sources (Ars Technica, Boing Boing, Patry, Esq, Public Citizen, Slashdot, Turkewitz, Esq, etc.). The ten types, a brief quote from Dozier’s descriptions, the qualities described, and a commentary as to whether they fit me are included below.

Are you a scofflaw blogger? Take the test by googling Dozier Scofflaw Bloggers and find out …

  • Name: Mis-Leader

    Description: “This blogger has a hidden agenda, but he just makes it sound like he is a totally objective commentator.”


    • Protects his advertisers
    • Has conflict of interest
    • Appears authoritative

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I’d like to think this blog appears to be respectable, but I have no advertisers and have only received a couple of books and a couple interesting rl conversations out of it.

  • Name: Criminal

    Description: “Career criminals, no less”


    • $0.5M/year pay-offs
    • Guard dogs surround compound
    • Highly effective operational plan

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I eat Ramen way too often to earn six figures, or to have a compound,

  • Name: Bankrupt

    Description: “This is usually not a smart guy”


    • No money
    • No assets
    • No prospects for work

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I have to say, the very qualities which make me not a “criminal” appear to make me “bankrupt.” (I hope I am a smart guy, however.)

  • Name: Sadist

    Description: “most likely to be the one that starts recommending direct physical violence against the exeutives of a company”


    • Escalates attacks rapidly
    • Uses his real name
    • Enjoys inflicting pain

    Does it fit tdaxp?: Well, I am in my fifth year of graduate school, but that would make me a masochist, not a sadist. I blog pseudo-anonymously and haven’t recommended direct physical violence yet, however, so this doesn’t quite conform

  • Name: Rookie

    Description: “just kids having fun as the hormones kick in”


    • Mimic adult conversation
    • Spell “ROI” as “RIO”
    • Can be utterly immature

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I like to use big words and misspell short ones, but I’m rarely charged with immaturity. No only 2 for 3 (hopefully!)

  • Name: Nerd

    Description: “scared to talk with a girl”


    • no principles involved
    • posts are intelligent and have face validity
    • cowers once identified

    Does it fit tdaxp?: Hmmm… certainly this blog looks smart, but tends to a coherent aesthetic-politico-religious framework (the old tagline of tdaxp was “Beauty, Victory, God”). I guess the test will be if tdaxp folds up shop once someone calls me a nerd. (I’ve kept going through death threats, but those are adreneline-boosting, I guess.)

  • Name: Alien

    Description: “from overseas”


    • Non US- resident
    • Works with criminals
    • Sometimes nabbed by the FBI in Turkey

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I’m an American, don’t know anyone with guard dogs surrounding his compound, have no plans of visiting Turkey, and no plans of evading the FBI there.

  • Name: Druggie

    Description: “during the day this blogger is a normal guy”


    • Suffers from amnesia
    • Substance abuser
    • “Hooks up” on the net

    Does it fit tdaxp?: I don’t rember forgetting (but then how would I??), drink modesty (but isn’t that how it starts??) and already hooked up with my knife (but what I convert to a polygamic faith??)

  • Name: Pickpocket

    Description: “enjoys attacking defenseless people”


    • Steals copyrighted material
    • Extracts revenues from ads
    • Uses meta tags

    Does it fit tdaxp?: “Pickpocket” appears to be a combination of “Criminal” and Sadist,” making both necessary conditions for pickpockethood.

  • Name:Wacko

    Description: “Most sophisticated business people immediately view the post as a ‘nut case'”


    • Begins with fair criticism
    • Invests time into he criticism
    • Multiple web properties

    Does it fit tdaxp?: Well.. maybe

    I have multiple web properties. Besides tdaxp, my South Dakota focused news aggregator is covering the story, and using blospirit’s point-and-click interface I began Dozier Internet Lawsuits to try to keep tabs on the company. (I only have two posts, because I would like any record to be even-handed, and I’ve been able to identify only one Dozier victory and many defeats.) Additionally, I use del.icio.us social bookmarks, so there’s that, too.

    I have spent time on this. Part of the reason is that I dislike censorship, and another (less noble) is that I have empty time I want to fill. (Now, for example, I am riding with my wife on I-80 through scenic if empty western Illinois.)

    My criticism has been fair. Again, check out my description of the DirectBuy case, and the earlier Franchise Time article on Cuppy’s Coffee. While I have more pointed possibilities as well, such as questioning the motive Dozier attorney Donald Morris or Dozier’s history of disrespecting online privacy, I immediately received positive feedback on both topics.

I think John Dozier called me a Wacko.

Can anyone at Dozier confirm that?

2 thoughts on “"Scofflaw Bloggers:" The Dozier Taxonomy of Wicked Netizens”

  1. That would be consistent with the SOP that we've come to know from John Dozier… name calling and deception rather than answering with facts and well reasoned answers.

    If your theory is correct… does that mean that when you are asleep… you are a wacko on his backo?

  2. I'm teaching logical fallacies in one of my composition classes next week, and now have some great material to use to explain what “ad hominem” means. I especially like the suggestion that certain bloggers who post attacks or criticisms are “druggies.”

    It's amazing how these guys don't just lack an understanding of how copyright works on the Internet — they lack an understanding of how copyright works in general.

    And forbidding people to view your HTML source code is like building a house and forbidding visitors to view the bricks: bricks which were, of course, created by someone else …

  3. “I guess the test will be if tdaxp folds up shop once someone calls me a nerd.”

    Hmm. You are a nerd, you are a nerd, you are a nerd. . .

    Blog's still here. And you're actually married, so talking to girls isn't a problem. Guess you aren't a nerd– a geek, maybe, but not a nerd.

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