Dozier Internet Law censoring Gamespot?

When Informercial Scams was SLAPP’d by Dozier Internet Law, they contacted Public Citizen and fought back. But was GameSpot similarly targeted? And did they cave?

The mystery comes from the current #11 result for Dozier Internet Law, titled “GameSpot: Note to Dozier Internet Law: Don’t screw with ⁄.” Bizarrely, this high-ranking post reads:

Game over
This user is banned
No continues

However, google cache reveals this text (emphasis original):

Those guys (douchebags) everyone loves to hate at have just done something incredibly stupid…they’ve tried to claim copyright on their website’s HTML. Fresh off their embarassment at the hands of Public Citizen it was found out that in their website’s EULA they assert copyright over their website’s HTML.

Thats not the funny part though, that comes in the form of the comments on the Slashdot article about it.

Within the first handful of comments the HTML source had already been reproduced in full, analysed, found to be invalid HTML, oh and apparently that it violates copyright itself in at least two different ways.

In otherwords I would like to modify slightly that old saying, “Don’t fight the internet.” Don’t fight slashdot, you will lose and be humiliated in the process.

By Runningflame570 — GameSpot
Posted Oct 18, 2007 10:09 pm PT

So did Dozier get to a description of a Slashdot article, but not the article itself? Did Gamespot ban the user and delete the post for another reason?

What is going on?

3 thoughts on “Dozier Internet Law censoring Gamespot?”

  1. I can confirm thats not the case, if you care to read any of my other blog postings they are still available via the and other profiles that weren't banned (for reasons I don't care to elaborate upon right now).

    I'm just surprised that particular posting reached such a high ranking to begin with, I did nothing to promote it.

    Other blog postings are available here:

    If you care and if not, so be it..I'm presently residing at

  2. Heck, no problem. I'm just flattered that I warranted a mention (need to keep it from going to my head).

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