Dozier Internet Law, PC: Give us seven million dollars. Stop laughing.

Dozier Internet Law, PC, those legal beagles in charge of the Cuppy’s Coffee and DirectBuy catastrophes, didn’t start there.

Thanks to dEarth / dx, I learned about their attempt to get seven million dollars from a website for criticizing “Manchester Who’s Who.”

From the article that inspired the lawsuit:

She asked, “Will you be using your membership for networking or credibility?”

I explained that I would probably be using it for both. “Being I high school drop-out, I have always had to struggle with public opinion on my credibility…”

$7,000,000. Hahaha. That’s even better that “Bull,” “Cyber Lawyer,” or “Super Lawyer.”

God bless you, John “$7,000,000” Dozier. You bring the smile to the face of everyone you threaten.

One thought on “Dozier Internet Law, PC: Give us seven million dollars. Stop laughing.”

  1. Manchester Who's Who is a scam that belongs in the same potato sack with and PublishAmerica — they tell people they've accomplished something when they haven't, and then try to get them to buy an overpriced not-in-bookstores book with their names in it. It's just as difficult to get your name in the phone book.

    Y'know, I don't know much about copyright and libel laws, but I'm fairly sure our system doesn't support attempts to extort $7,000,000 from people who criticize obvious scams.

  2. Other attorneys keep trying similar strategic lawsuits against public participation, but as reported in Slashdot [1] not only did a blogger just win such a case… but the court sanctioned the plaintiff's attorney for poor conduct [2]!

    Dozier, both the firm and the individual attorneys who work there, should be on notice.


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