The evolution of a blogger

Many of his posts are still aggrevatingly incomplete. His most recent post on his personal blog, “Peer to Peer Globalization,” is self-contradictory. And his most recent prediction (which, admittedly, was just bandwagoning) has been falsified.

Still, (as I was mentioning to A.E. earlier), John Robb is becoming more interesting. Recent posts on “guerrilla group size in Iraq” and “The U.S. Embraces Open Source Warfare” are right on the money. Indeed, they reflect what I’ve been saying for a year or two.

I noted how Robb’s work splits between the useful and he aggrevation in my impressions of his book, Brave New War. Still, thre’s hope for more of the former and less of the latter. He seems to be moving away from the undefined concept of “global guerrilla,” instead focusing on the advantages of decentralization, distribution, and resilience. John’s a great marketer, so such a transition could be very helpful.