Thanksgiving Unities

Many thanks to Eddie of Hidden Unities for dropping by yesterday, on his way across the continent. Over coffee, hamburgers, tea, and the Border War (#2 Kansas 28, #4 Missouri 36), Eddie joined my family and myself for an amazing evening. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable on every subject under the sun, Eddie’s also hilarious. His combination of wit, timing, and impersonations had everyone laughing late into the night.

Fake State of Iraq v. Kurdistan

Karim, A. (2007). Iraq nullifies Kurdish oil deals. AFP. 24 November, 2007. Available online: (from Democratic Underground).

Even discounting the blood and treasure we spill, there are real costs to keeping the fake state of Iraq around. This is one of them:

Iraq’s oil ministry has declared all crude contracts signed by the Kurdish regional authorities with foreign companies null and void, a government official said on Saturday.

“The ministry has nullified all contracts signed by the Kurdistan Regional Government,” the official told AFP, asking not to be named. “They will not be recognised.”

The government in Iraq’s northern autonomous Kurdish region has signed 15 exploration and exportation contracts with 20 international companies since it passed its own oil law in August, infuriating the Baghdad government.

Oil Minister Hussein Shahristani has in recent weeks angrily denounced the Kurdish authorities for signing the contracts before the national parliament approves a new oil and gas law, declaring them “illegal”

Keeping Iraq as a unified state means the functioning Kurdish north is yoked to the Gappish Shia south, and the Gappish Shia south is tied to the Tony Soprano v. Osama bin Laden funland of the Sunni Arab west.

Iraq should be broken apart as quickly as practical, allowing three very different nations to speed ahead, or fall back, at the rate that is natural for them in this world.