Dozier Theory Pants

As I reported on Jim River Report, Brendan has more on Dozier Internet Law’s use of spam advertising. Brendan’s post has screenshots of many of the more absorb attempts to increase their google pagerank. Here’s the best:

“Sponsored listings” include Dozier Internet Law (We protect online reputations and the intellectual property of business), Earn A Law Degree Online (Accredited Law Degree 100% Online. Bachelors Required. Apply Today!), NY Internet Law Lawyers (Internet law, media, technology, and licensing matters), and Domain Theft? (Don’t let someone steal your url. Experienced internet attorney).

Other “related” searches include theory pants, internet law, theory suits, theory jackets, law school, theory sweaters, technology law, law, theory skirts, and business law.

2 thoughts on “Dozier Theory Pants”

  1. I guess people who go to 100% online “accredited” law schools need theory pants, theory jackets, and theory skirts to wear to their theoretical job interviews.

    THEORY PANTS may be my new favorite expression.

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