Graduate hours

My department has divides the 90 hours for a doctoral program into 11 sub-categories, and today I went through it, identifying the precise hours that were, are, or will be taken to fulfill the requirements for a Ph.D. Graduation is still 13-18 months away, but I’m definitely feeling closer to the end that the beginning. I remember walking to the country kitchen in Pierre with my first grad textbook, studying it over chicken salad and being excited…

Also had two conversations re: the OODA loop paper. I’m hearing the same thing from both professors, which is great: they come from different areas of the field, and the biggest fear is that they talk past each other. The dual-processing section will be expanded, to ease in readers who are substantially less familiar with Boyd than, say, the crew of this summer’s Boyd Seminar. I had hoped to be actually done with the paper this week, but it’s better to build it up now and rapidly convert it to part of the dissertation proposal later than the reverse.

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