Impressions of the CNN Youtube Republican Debate

Giuliani — held his own throughout the debate, though on a few occasions were slower or more gentle in response than I expected.

Hucklebee — displaying the best of a preacher’s rhetoric, the only time this Governor looked bad is after he pandered to a mission to Mars, immediately for Tancredo pointed out that was financially absurd

Hunter — a good man outclassed by the complexities of the world.

McCain — generally a slightly less animated version of Giuliani, it’s hard to believe that Romney ran cirlces around him on the subjects of waterboarding and torture. That’s what happens when you let your emotions get the best of you, though.

Paul — an eloquent, intelligent, and forceful advocate for a restoration of the Constitutional order of 1929. Analogous to a knock-out blonde who loves both Rand and Buckley, yet refuses to use any technology that doesn’t rely on the power of steam. Completely impractical.

Romney — a smart man who acts dumb, his repeat of the Bush strategy probably would be smart for a country that hasn’t been exposed to is since 2000.

Thompson — remarkably elderly, his attack ad against Hucklebee reveals him for the third-tier candidate he is

If I could change just one thing per continent…

If I could change just one thing per continent…

The first four seem easy enough…

  • Europe: Ukraine admitted as a full member-state of the European Union (consolidation of Europe against Russia)
  • Asia: “Berlin Wall” moment as Korean DMZ becomes the conduit for a mass exodus (End of Kim Family Regime)
  • Africa: Zimbabwe as joint South African – Chinese Condominium (UN starts outsourcing its colonial administration)
  • North America: Cuba joins NAFTA/USA (End of Castro Family Regime)

But what should change in Australia? South America? Antarctica?

2007 Dozier Internet Law Google Rankings – Week 7

Dozier continues to throw cash at spam advertisingdoorway pages, theory pants, and the rest — in order to prevent googlers from finding out information about the company. Still, the fact that some of the spam pages are very, very low imply that the “newness” of their empty pages wears off quick. Ultimately, John Dozier may only be opening up his company and himself to liability, as these “attorney advertising” pages may eventually turn into sites for adult websites, or other illicit pursuits, if he doesn’t keep their registration up to date.

Name This Week Last Time Change
Dozier Internet Law, PC 1 1 holds 2 2 holds
Dozier Internet Law 3 3 holds
Dozier Internet Law 4 4 holds
Dozier Internet Law 5 6 +1
Dozier Internet Law 6 7 +1
Dozier Internet Law Sucks 7 10 +3
Ars Techncia 8 8 holds
FindLaw 9 11 +2
New York Personal Injury Lawyer 10 15 +5
Dozier Internet Law 11 ( – ) new
tdaxp 12 5 -7 13 12 -1
Tailrank 14 13 -1
CLP 15 9 -6
Accidental Blogger 16 14 -2 17 ( – ) new
South Dakota Politics 18 17 -1
Dreaming 5GW 19 21 +2
Phatic Communion 20 20 holds
Blog of M’Gath 21 19 -2 22 22 holds
Yahoo! Delicious 23 23 holds
I Hate Linux 24 24 holds 25 25 holds

Dropped from rankings: Infomercial Blog (16), Plagiarism Today (18)

Others Receiving Votes: Jim River Report (received votes), Code Prairie (received votes), (dropped from rankings), Topix (received votes), dEarth dX (received votes), Sphinn, WordPress (received votes), (received votes)