2007 Dozier Internet Law Google Rankings – Week 7

Dozier continues to throw cash at spam advertisingdoorway pages, theory pants, and the rest — in order to prevent googlers from finding out information about the company. Still, the fact that some of the spam pages are very, very low imply that the “newness” of their empty pages wears off quick. Ultimately, John Dozier may only be opening up his company and himself to liability, as these “attorney advertising” pages may eventually turn into sites for adult websites, or other illicit pursuits, if he doesn’t keep their registration up to date.

Name This Week Last Time Change
Dozier Internet Law, PC 1 1 holds
cybertriallawyer.com 2 2 holds
Dozier Internet Law 3 3 holds
Dozier Internet Law 4 4 holds
Dozier Internet Law 5 6 +1
Dozier Internet Law 6 7 +1
Dozier Internet Law Sucks 7 10 +3
Ars Techncia 8 8 holds
FindLaw 9 11 +2
New York Personal Injury Lawyer 10 15 +5
Dozier Internet Law 11 ( – ) new
tdaxp 12 5 -7
tdaxp.com 13 12 -1
Tailrank 14 13 -1
CLP 15 9 -6
Accidental Blogger 16 14 -2
newyorkpersonalinjuryattorneyblog.com 17 ( – ) new
South Dakota Politics 18 17 -1
Dreaming 5GW 19 21 +2
Phatic Communion 20 20 holds
Blog of M’Gath 21 19 -2
dreaming5gw.com 22 22 holds
Yahoo! Delicious 23 23 holds
I Hate Linux 24 24 holds
ihatelinux.blogspot.com 25 25 holds

Dropped from rankings: Infomercial Blog (16), Plagiarism Today (18)

Others Receiving Votes: Jim River Report (received votes), Code Prairie (received votes), codeprairie.net (dropped from rankings), Topix (received votes), dEarth dX (received votes), Sphinn, WordPress (received votes), pubcit.typepad.com (received votes)

One thought on “2007 Dozier Internet Law Google Rankings – Week 7”

  1. All I want for Chanukah this year is the domain name theorypants.com.

    Too bad the firm is weaseling its way back into the top of your “rankings” using tactics for which they themselves threaten to sue other parties. If you search “PublishAmerica” in Google, you'll see a great example of how bloggers and the like managed to get the word out that a company was scamming its clients and unfairly attacking its detractors.

    But, really, theorypants.com. It'll be awesome.

  2. If there is any happiness in this news, it's that Dozier's spam domains appear to peak high (both fresh content and new domain name), then crater. Already, in today's google search, their #11 looks to be off the top 25.

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