Vista: What a joke

This morning, I have had four browser crashes in Microsoft Windows Vista, in both IE and Firefox.

Choosing Vista instead of XP on this laptop was a mistake.

Comparing the pain that Vista regularly causes with the “it just works” niceness of the OS X machine I use while editing vista is staggering.

What a joke.

3 thoughts on “Vista: What a joke”

  1. I'm suffering through my own Vista upgrade on the home PC. The good news: Vista (and a fresh infusion of Norton) have slain all of the malware and viruses on that system. But I too find the “positive control bodyguard” a bit too oppressive — especially with IE.

    I recommend you (1) set the auto-update feature and let it churn for a few hours on a broadband connection while it settles into its new identity; and (2) be sure you have the latest edition of Firefox.

    Ironically, Firefox has proven far more resilient than IE on security: last night IE prevented me from printing a USPS pre-paid PriorityMail label because (gasp!) the USPS was pushing the file into my print queue. Vista thought it was a malicious attack and kept blocking it (even though I had the URL as a “Trusted” site with “Med-Low” security). Firefox, on the other hand, simply asked “OK to download data for print?” and it worked….

  2. I only use IE when I'm designing a website — and then only to find the peculiarities which result from IE's funky non-compliance with web standards. I haven't used IE since buying my new computer which has Vista….but I can say that I've not had a single problem with Vista since buying the computer.

    Unless you count the auto-update features which can sometimes interfere when I'm in the middle of a game, like World of Warcraft. 😉

    But otherwise, and since installing a new high-powered graphics card, I've had no problems at all. I think I actually like Vista. Gotta be sure that all new hardware and software is compatible, which can be a problem; and gotta make sure to have enough RAM since Vista is a GREAT BIG HOG on memory; but those issues addressed, Vista works like a charm.

  3. Not that I know much about OS's in general, but I have heard somewhere that people are having the most success with Vista Ultimate because, supposedly, Microsoft built Ultimate from the ground up at first and then simply downgraded it in the form of basic,premium,professional,etc.

    I do have a copy of Ultimate just setting on my desk (15 dollar UNL student edition FTW), but I am hesitant to load it because of software compatibility and RAM usage reasons.

  4. I had these problems with Vista ultimate as well.

    Vista continues a genetic line of operating systems that goes all the way back to OS/2.

    Windows ME was the last OS in a line that went back to DOS.

    (Additionally, MS for a while had its own version of unix.)

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