Why does "Amendment Nine" dislike tdaxp?

“Amendment Nine” is a blog that was started by “Federalist X.” After FedX came Phoicon, who’s second post attacked me personally:

Dan, the author of the blog TDAXP, was a favorite of Federalist X’s. I have no idea why. I’ve visited Dan’s blog often. The vast majority of what he has to say is completely incomprehensible, though there is a good deal of the Catholic guilt thrown in so it isn’t all incomprehensible to me I suppose.

Now Phoicon’s given up blogging, and the new guy (J Smith) attacks me in his second post:

Second, more skat, but a bigger mess. Let’s call it moose skat (if you’ve ever seen the stuff, you know what I mean). Stepped in some over here with this post. Poor little tdaxp. Still lost in the term “race”. Here’s a hint big fella. Race isn’t actually a “thing”. Your scores and your tests talking about which race is what are worthless. They are just markers. Step out of the little world and step into the small one that you live in. Race is a concept whose time has long since past.

And now J calls me a liar, both here and there.

So what’s up with the anti-tdaxp attacks from Amendment Nine? Am I really that aggrevating?