7 thoughts on “Windchill is 35 below zero”

  1. Wow, that's some bitter cold! Let's hope there were body-warming spirits available for consumption once they somehow found their way back inside.

    Congrats Dan!

  2. What TDAXP is failing to say is that HE was the one with the camera (and therefore *also* locked outside)! The reception guests inside did not particularly appreciate we Southerners (Sean, and Iowa native who now lives in SC, and Shane, a Michigan troll who now lives in TN) opening the doors to go into the teeth of the northern winds….

  3. I shoveled off the deck the day before, which is why you don't see more snow under our feet — unfortunately, the snow and ice on the steps have proven impenetrable, hence our begging for readmittance through the back door…

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