What a wonderful Reception!

I had the happiest day of my life on the 9th, when so many people I knew both physically and virtually showed up to South Dakota, to attend our (American) reception.

Shane explaining something

Dan tdaxp… or Daniel Craig?

A table that could launch a coup

Myself, Fei, Aaron, Rachel, Jerry

Sean, with cool beard

Brendan and Jason

Next up: Beijing! Come for our Chinese Reception.. stay for the Olympics!

Obama’s going to win: Vote Clinton!

When I endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain, both were given only about a 30% chance of getting a nomination. That is, there was less than a 10% chance of both of them winning their parties before I endorsed. But tdaxp spoke, and the world changed.

Now McCain and Obama are all-but-inevitable nominees of their party. It’s time to look to the general election. And while the McCain is generally stronger than Obama on the core issues (Iraq, Russia, Immigration, tax policy, etc.), the overwhelming difference is on abortion: Obama supports infanticide; McCain doesn’t.

The objective therefore has to be to weaken Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, to save as many lives as possible.

Fortunately, Hillary Clinton is willing to help the cause. She has started taking attack ads out on Barack Obama

And of course, her race/sex war rhetoric does little to bring the Democratic Party together. So with this understanding: that Barack Obama is and should be the Democratic nominee, but must not be President, I hereby request that you


If Hillary can pull of a good showing in Ohio and Texas, she can extend the Democratic primaries to Pennsylvania. If she can do well there, she can fight for the party’s nomination. Either Obama wins far weaker than he would have, or Clinton wins so discredited that the harm she does to the Democratic Party outweighs the miniscule chance that she can defeat Obama.

Clinton: Because the infanticidaires deserve the very worst.


I laughed so hard at this satire that it hurts:

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Read the whole thing.