Ups and Down from Dell Customer Service

I spilled coffee next to my laptop the other day. It didn’t spill on my laptop, but a slight warp my ancient desk (old, sturdy, and useful, though not an antique) made the liquid cool under the bottom vents of the laptop. So of course it stopped working.

I called up Dell, and they said they would send out a box the next day via DHL. Further, I didn’t even need to be home! They would just leave the box there, and then I would call DHL for a pick-up time.

Even better, after I hung up, they said to call DHL directly, and DHL would pick it up!

So I call DHL, they tell me the Dell email is in error, and indeed I have to wait for the box. Then, the delibery doesn’t come for two days. Even better, DHL left a note saying they couldn’t deliver, because a signature is required. In other words, Dell was wrong: I need to be home when the box shows up.

Fortunately, my computer since tried out and spontaneously started working on its own.

Updated: Dell customer service came through!

On the subject of lousy service

I had the misfortune of chatting with “Antoinette,” a call center employee working for Time Warner Cable in Nebraska. Antoinette was verbally hostile, and refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor in spite of being asked to do so three times.

Combine this with an airline temporarily threaten to charge my wife and parents-in-law $1500 ($500/each) for no good reason the other day (when I started talking employee ID numbers, the desk dropped the inexplicable charges), and you have one un-satisfied Husker.

Oh well.. at least another Callahan innovation is biting the dust.