Will America get the debate out of Obama that we need?

This post is not about Barack Obama refusing to debate Hillary Clinton before the Wisconsin primary. Clinton’s camp have been masterful at spinning debates to their advantage, so of course he wants to limit how much damage they can do. In this way Barack Obama is like George Bush in 2000: ineloquent in a debate format, and therefore rationally hesitant to submit to it.


Rather, I’m thinking of the debate between the reasonable approaches of Barack Obama and John McCain that I used as justification for supporting Barack Obama for Democratic nominee. To enter the debate, Obama needs to keep his words and accept public financing.

I’m writing this because Obama is considering betraying those who supported him up to now and attempted to win the general election in an ad blitz.

I hope Obama stays true to his words. I hope his first act as Democratic nominee is not to stab in the back those supported him while he was fighting to get there.

Kosovo Day

Congratulations to Kosovo, the newest country in the world!

“Kosovo is a republic – an independent, democratic and sovereign state”

Kosovo’s independence was made possible through military support from NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the EU, or European Union. Fittingly, Kosovo’s independence will be announced through the “Ode to Joy,” Europe’s national anthem.

The Political-Military Ruleset

The Political-Economic Ruleset

Kosov’s independence is another milepost in NATO’s and the EU’s expansion into the lands of the fallen Communist empire. The latest central remnant of that empire, now called the Russian Federation, It also is just the latest bit torn from Yugoslavia, a country hapless enough to decide to be a Russian satellite

The Remains of Yugoslavia

Kosovo, welcome to freedom!

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