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  1. Sometime a fear years back (I think during the CPI), there was a televised meeting/conference with a backdrop of the Iraqi map, the Iraqi tricolor, and the script instead of the stars. I remember saying “That will be Iraq’s flag.”

    So, without any evidence at all (not even SciFi channel viewership records!) I declare myself psychic!

  2. Some may recall my inquiry in finding a Boyd presentation on the web. I asked Chet Richards at his new blog and unfortunately he said that none have “survived.” This is a major loss, as presentations were Boyd’s preferred method of dissemination. But, I bet they’re out there somewhere, sitting in some closet of the Pentagon or in someones basement. Hopefully, one day one will pop up.

    I must admit that I happen to really enjoy watching and happen to learn best from lectures and power point presentations. Obviously Tom Barnett has brought power point to another level, and I remember the day I first saw “The Brief” on cspan.

    In fact, I believe Barnett’s success can be attributed to his showmanship and theatrics while giving his presentation. For the most part, I reject the idea of world government, but if I did, then Barnetts plan of action would be the way to go.

  3. I’m sorry–what’s the “CPI”?

    Anyway, to me, the design just seems to have a vaguely “sci-fi” kinda feel. (Does have a nice symmetry, though).

  4. Jayson,

    I may have a new blog, but certainly my spelling/typo ability is not approved — I meant the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) of Iraq.


    Agreed on Tom.

    It’s a big loss not having a video or verbal recording of Boyd giving his brief. We’re left with a text, but it’s not clear how central the words on the slide were to the message he was getting across.

  5. Oh, OK (btw, this template is rather nice–vaguely evokes C.A. in roughly the way a tomato evokes a pepper…[but that other “Chinese” thing was cool too, y’know])

  6. Jayson, now it’s our turn to ask you what your acronym means. C.A.? Cellular Automata? Central America? Corked Arse? ;-\

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