Controlling the Underclass

Chicago links school cameras to 911 center —

More than 4,500 cameras in Chicago public schools are being connected to police headquarters and the city’s 911 center in a technological upgrade designed to improve safety, officials said Thursday.In an emergency, arriving officers also will be able to view real-time images from the cameras on screens in their squad cars.

Slashdot mentions Chicago’s police-cameras in schools, while Half Sigma links to a story about paying students to do well.

Both stories have in common this: low intelligence is associated with lack of goal-setting and impulsive-controlling behaviors.  Internal motivation to overcome this detriment is often lacking, and may be best instilled only through practice.  Therefore, external motivation — external forms of control — are needed to encourage and discourage activities among the underclass.   External forms of control would not be so needed needed if cultural and other factors were so not tilted toward crime and misdeeds.