Seven Social Sins?

With apologies to Subadei who blogged this story, reporting on it has been awful:

Soob: The Vatican’s Seven Social Sins
It’s been about a millenia and a half since the subject of that which renders the souls of sinners to a fiery eternity was last visited upon by Pope Gregory I.

Today the Vatican released something of an update to the seven deadly sins; The Seven Social Sins:

…Despite being baptized Catholic I’ve always engaged dogma from either a dismissive direction (my childhood) or one of suspicion (now.) Suspicion because, for example, it’s not at all hard to triangulate recent political events, recent Vatican commentary and some of this latest bit of church edict. There’s a certain amount of convenience present here which seems to defy much of what I’ve read of the Christian doctrine. There’s a fine line between piety and punitiveness; between faith and judgment. The latter of which, if I’ve read correctly, is reserved solely for God and yet…

I do not know what is going on with the story.  I doubt it’s dogma.  Was this released by an Office?  A Vatican office or a Holy See office?  Which one?  Is this draft, or final?  The bureaucracy of every modern nation-state’s is arguably based on the Church’s, but there’s no analysis or description on what’s going on.  Even supposedly good sources of information, like Foreign Policy, are filled with ignorant and hateful derision.