I don’t want my country damaged like the Democratic Party has been damaged

I want Clinton to lose the Democratic nomination because I know she will do to the country what she is already doing to her party: cause it great harm. This video of Keith Olberman, courtesy of MyDD, is an example of the intra-party feud going on among the Democrats. I have no doubt the fight will become just as vicious among Americans if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination.

And then there’s this:

Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a presidential election.
Obama, on the other hand, earns solid support from African-American voters but attracts only 36% of white voters in a match-up with McCain.

Hillary’s doing her best to set the stage for the most racially polarized election in American history, a “blacks v. everyone else” affair where Hillary’s zombie coalition of uneducated whites, latinos, and asians leads to Democratic defeat. As with her recent campaigning in Michigan (softly encouraging Floridians and Michiganers to stay home if their delegates are not seated), Hillary’s laying landmines to convince the Democratic Party they cannot possible win without her as the nominee.

Hillary would probably be a good commander and chief — better than Obama, if they are both to be trusted. Likewise, she’s useful for the harm she’s causing to the Democratic Party. But as a general election candidate she would be awful, and for her the general election would never end.

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  1. Oh, never mind, I notice it is from Olbermann Watch. When I saw the picture, I was thinking that you posted the special comment uncut.

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