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Fitna is a well made, fifteen-minute long piece of agitation-propaganda. Some of the points of the film are specific to Dutch or European politics, particularly as Europe wrestles both the separate but intertwined issues of large-scale immigration and Islamization.

It would be easier to sneer at Fitna if not for its urgency. Currently, the movie’s website has been suspended by Network Solutions, presumably out of fear of Islamist violence. In the same way that paying a tax to an insurgency is material support of the insurgency, Network Solutions’ suspension of the Fitna site is material support for Islamization. But I digress.

Watch it, because people who kill over cartoons don’t want you to.

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  1. It is not well done! Some blunders:
    – The use of the Danish cartoon was not authorized by the cartoonist. He just called Wilders a thief in an interview on Dutch TV.
    – He changed some words on the verses (soerat 8, vers 60 does not say ‘terrorize’)
    – The image he uses of Van Gogh’s killer is actually a Moroccan raper. Proof that xenophobes think that all Muslims look and act the same?

  2. Surely if this was an anti-Christian film, they would allow it to be played worldwide. Why do we fear Islam so much that we let it infringe on our freedoms? We can’t be quieted by bullying. The film is total realism. It is time the world faced it without backing down. Islamic extremeist are destroying their own Islam. They have noone to blame but their own violence against peaceful Peoples.

  3. WOW…. I cannot believe what I just saw. I cant wait to go to class tommorow and tell my religious ethics teacher how factually wrong this “mock-umentary” is. Honor killing are not in the Quran, Woman covering their hair is rooted in the New Testament with Paul and was passed on to Islam, which to many historians is an Arabic version of Judaism. Obviously they are gonna want to spread their “word” worldwide just like ALL other religions have done. There is no such thing as a “Quran based state” because the Quran is so general that many contemporary issues are hot topics of debate among Muslims scholars or Imams. There is always going to be those who find text in a Holy Book to justify their actions, blame the individual not the religion.

  4. What is crazy is that most of this stuff is available in public sources or has been seen before (though not collated in this way). If this is the kind of stuff that gets network associates to ax your address, I can think of several blogs (or even MEMRI) would qualify.

  5. thanks for posting, i hadn’t seen the movie.

    i am a muslim agnostic, and believe me, if i want to talk about what’s wrong with islam, i have much more than 15 minutes to say. but i found this movie nothing more than xenophobic propaganda. it was interesting how the news about islamic terrorism was interspersed with news such as “school closed on muslim holiday”, “free trip to mecca through islamic school”, “investment for muslims”, or news about the mosque in netherlands.

    also, suspension of fitna’s website is wrong, but it’s not without precedent. i remember during the days after 9/11, Akamai (a US-based company) stopped hosting aljazeera’s website.

  6. “Surely if this was an anti-Christian film, they would allow it to be played worldwide.”

    Its amazing to think that only 100 years ago Europeans we’re confident in their moral right to rule the world. Now they believe in the worlds moral right to rule them. How did it come to this?

  7. wow…
    I found myself wanting to laugh in one breath and cry in the second. he movie is good, except i would change the title to “Ignorance of Today’s Muslims.” The laughable parts are the selected quotes, which are taken out of context just as much as summing up christianity by the verse, “I come not in peace, but with a sword.” [Jesus]. Interesting that he failed to show the quote, “whosoever takes one innocent life, it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity; but whosoever saves a life, it is as if though they saved all of humanity.”
    The sad part is that the events shown are real events. There are retarded people out there – in increasingly growing numbers – who think that they somehow have the right to kill others to promote their agenda, and then they call it duty by their religion.
    The problem with Islam today is not in islam but in the muslims. They, and I’m speaking as a practicing muslim here, have become so ignorant it is beyond belief. All the Muslims schlars can be counted on the digits of a single person. Yes Islam ruled the world… because muslims invested heavily in education – of every concievable subject – in the arts – which many today consider to be evil – and they actually followed islam as it was supposed to be followed.
    In the time of the prophet, prisoners of war had to be treated better than they do under Geneva convention today. But what do we see? We se kidnapping of journalists, tourists, laborers, and subsequent killing thereof. The prophet would have been uo in arms – literally – against these people and the ones who urge them on. To clarify, the prophet would be working with the westerners to get these terrorists to cease – by any means necessary.
    I understand the fear that is growing in europe. It is the fear that these insanos will come over and blow things up, kill people, and cause large scale havoc. I fully support them in preventing these lunatics from getting in, and stopping the ones who are there now.
    What I do not support is the portrayal of Islam as the cause. The cause is ignorance of everything. If they’d read their own holy book, there would be far fewer of them. Instead, they just listen to some schmuck with an ego problem who can’t get laid – so he tries to turn women into prisoners – who couldn’t get a student visa to get a good education in europe – so he hates europeans like hitler hated the jews because one ridiculed him in school – and because he feels insecure, he wants to prove to everyone how great he is by ordering others to kill.
    And on the subject of jews, it’s high time we stop blaming the jews for everything. Muslims don’t hold jerusalem because they sold ut to the brits in WWI, abandoning the ottoman empire for the promise of being monarchs, and when the brits screwed them, they cry bloody murder. No. NO! If they had not sold out for chump change, if they weren’t so quick to accept a bribe, if they had some HONOR, things would be different. And as for today’s situation, the entire middle east, with the possible exception of Iran, is whoring out to dollars and euros. Well, if you’re going to be a whore, don’t complain about getting f*ck3d.
    Get educated, learn about the world, stop looking at the past, work on a better future – not just for yourself and muslims, but for the whole world – take responsibility, stop blaming the west and the jews – even the devil is blameless when you do stupid things on your own.

  8. I’ll not address the ‘film’ but only utilize generalities. It is sad how religion has historically been the backdrop for so much pain and suffering all in the name of something ‘good’. There are few (if any) religions that can claim to not have some dark past; most of which have a very disturbing history. All of this in the name of a higher power?

    Thanks for the courage to allow the ‘film’ to be viewed. Propaganda exists everywhere we look. The truly sad thing is that people get so upset over some of it and yet believe some unconditionally, often without even realization. (I can only imagine how many will fall into each of those categories over this.)

    The only thing that matters to most people is what they have been propagandized to believe.

  9. صدقني انت لم تضف شيئا جديدا لنا نحن المسلمين سوى زيادة معرفتنا و يقيننا بديننا و تمسكنا به و ان كنت اضفت شيئا جديدا فانك قد اوضحت لنا دونية من امثالك من الناس ان كان من ناحية التفكير او الاعتقاد الخاطئ برايء الاخر ان ما قمت به ليس سوى دليل على على الانحدار الفكري لديك و لامثالك من الذين يحاولون ان يجنو سمعة ظاهرة و مكاسب حقيرة على حساب مشاعر الاخرين من الناس فهل تظن ان مجرد فيلم صغير و سيء مثل فلمك هذا من الممكن ان يصور فكرة سيئة على الدين الاسلامي اذا انت مخطء تماما يا مادي امثالك كثيرون حاولو ذلك ولكن من حكمة الله ان ينقلب السحر على الساحر فيزداد اناس يقينا وايمانا و يزداد اناس من امثالك بعدا عن الانسانية و معنى الانسانية هناك شيئا لا تعلمه ان دين الاسلام دين جاء بفطرة السماحة و العفو و الكرم و غيرها الكثير من القيم والمثل الاخلاقية التى تعلم الانسانية معنى ان تحترم الناس و تقدرهم و ان كانت قد بانت لك اشياء فقد غفلت عنك اشياء يا محترم و ما العراق عنا ببعيدة و ما تفعله فيها يد الغدر و القتلو لو انك قد قرات و عرفت ما هو الاسلام فعلا لما فعلت ما فعلت و لكن هي الايام نداولها بين الناس فيوم لك ويوم عليك

  10. What a shame Liveleak took it down. Glad I got to watch it earlier. And what is this comment in Arabic? More hostility and intolerance I’m sure.

  11. Here is the translation via google language tools (it isn’t that good of a translaton):

    Believe me, you have not added anything new to us Muslims only increase my knowledge and belief, and we stick by that you add something new, you have shown us the inferiority of the likes of people that were thinking or hand Brae Another misconception that what you have is not only a guide on the intellectual regression and you have the likes of those who are trying to Egno reputation despicable phenomenon and gains at the expense of other people’s feelings Did you think that just a small film and bad Vlmk such as this could be a bad idea portrays the Islamic religion if you are completely wrong material swear Many tried this, but from the wisdom of God to turn on the magic magician reinforcing people and the belief and certainly more people from the likes away from the meaning of humanity and humanity is not something learned that the religion of Islam is a religion of forgiveness and the genial amnesty and generosity and many other values and ethical ideals learning to respect humanitarian meaning people and unofficially, that had Pant things you have any misses you something respectable and what Iraq us too, as do the hands of treachery and Alguetlo if you have read and know what Islam is really what I did what I did, but days are varying between Chechen people each day and you

  12. Obviously religion is very interpretive. I don’t think most Muslims are violent people but that doesn’t mean I’d want the Middle East to engulf Europe.

    So, if this film helps Europeans increase their survival instincts, then so be it. Europe is almost a totalitarian state with regards to freedom of speech anyway, so I won’t be surprised if someone goes to jail for this.

    Unforchanetly, I think its going to take a lot more than a propaganda film to get the men of Europe to take action. It may take the whole loss of a European state for this to happen. This will most likely be France, as that little sh-thole has been on the forefront decadence in Europe for the last 300 years.

    New life usually comes along-side death……

  13. Basicly the editor of the yukee film didn’t read the Quran, well i think the most important thing from any people have such ideas about quran and islam to.. just go and read the quran, you will be surprised how misled you were + the Quran can defend itself no need from us to defend it. just READ IT, its every where and translated

  14. منذ القدم و ما تزال هناك افكار مسمومة و خواطر مافونة تحاول و ما زالت ان تنشئ جيل يعتمد على نظرية الفكر الاخر و السكون و عدم البحث وراء الحقائق الواضحة والناصعة ان القيم الانسانية ليست جزء مجزء و لكنها كل مترابط يعتمد بعضه على بعض في تكوين صورة حياة مشرقة و انسانية راقية تصعد بالانسان المؤمن بالحياة السعيدة الى مراقي الانسانية السمحاء و قد جاء دين الاسلام بهذه الافكار السمحاء عندما نشر الفضيلة و القيم والمثل العليا بين الامم و الشعوب الاسلام ليس دين ارهاب او قتل او تدمير الاسلام حياة واضحة المعالم و مثل عليا و ان اردتم ان تعرفو ذلك فاذهبوا الى الصين و دول اسيا و افريقيا و اسئلو عن التجار المسلمين و اخلاقهم و ما فعلت باهل البلدان تلك من تطور وحضارة ورقي و منذ قدم العصور و في كل مكان و ديانة ظهرت تواجد فيها الحسن والقبيح تواجد فيها الذي يسئ لدينه و ارضه وشعبه و تواجد فيها من يرفع قيم شعبه و دينه عاليا او ليس من واجب القاضي اذا حكم بين الناس ان يسمع الطرفين معا حتى يخرج حكمه عادلا من غير جور فكيف تحكم على الاسلام من غير تبصر و تسمع و تعرف ما هو قلب الاسلام لعلك قد نسيت او تناسيت ما تفعله اسرائيل بغزة و الضفة الغربية من قتل و تشريد و مجازر يموت فيها يوميا الاف الناس الابرياء من دون ذنب اقترفوه و صدقني ليس لاجل الارض يقتلون فقط من اجل كلمة لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله و ما العراق ايضا ببعيدة اتلوم الشعوب انها تدفع الظلم عن انفسها و ار ضها و ابنائها اذا انك لقاصر النظر و العقل لو ان عدو احتل ارضك الا تهب للدفاع عنه بكل ما اوتيت من قوة ام انك تفرح برؤية دماء شعبك اوا تظن ان مجرد صور تسيء لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من الممكن ان تختصر دين باكمله انك واهم فرسول الله يعيش بين جوارحنا و نحن كلنا فداء لرسول الله هكذا علمنا رسول الله ان نخاطب الناس على قدر عقولهم و اللبيب من الاشارة يفهم و لنا متابعة ان شاء الله

  15. Faruk,

    In the time of the prophet, prisoners of war had to be treated better than they do under Geneva convention today. But what do we see? We se kidnapping of journalists, tourists, laborers, and subsequent killing thereof. The prophet would have been uo in arms – literally – against these people and the ones who urge them on. To clarify, the prophet would be working with the westerners to get these terrorists to cease – by any means necessary.

    In fairness to both al Qaeda in Iraq and Multinational Forces – Iraq, I’m unaware of mass slaving raids [1] by either side. This is definitely a step forward from Muhammed’s time.


  16. To the angles in the west.
    What about the millions of Muslims that were killed By Christians and Jewish in Palestine, Algeria, Libya, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and all Arabs, Muslims and Africans countries. Is it necessary to remind you about the barbarian world wars (1st & 2nd.) between Christian themselves, is it necessary to remind you about blood baths that had been executed by Christians and Jewish in Baghdad ,Abugharib, kana1&2, Diryasin, Nagasaki, Hiroshima , Gaza Vietnam, and South Africa and against original Australian people, and red Indians .Is it necessary to remind you about your imperialist, Slavery and bloody history which is very well known .Regarding to the Quran I ask any one of you to read it carefully, (all) not by taking part of verse and cutting it from its connection, and then compare it honestly by your holly books, and you will actually find and know the clear fact. That the Islam is the religion of Tolerance, love, and mercy and I assure to that Islam will be the future of Europe . This film came as one of hundreds Evidence on your Racism and heating. And finally dogs are baking and the caravan keep moving.

  17. Dear all,

    It is very shockingly amazing to hear and read about the contents of a movie by a Dutch parlimentarian, supposed to be a man with a great sense of responsibility which he is not.

    I really feel very sorry for the voters who voted for such an idiot who rather than bridging the gap among the different cultures and religions is spreading hatred in the world by twisting the facts.

    The fact should not be forgotten that Mr. Wilders is using rather misusing his position and the EU shoulder to fulfill his ill willed agendas to bring enemity between Muslims and Christians. What does he really want???

    I would like to conclude on the yesterday’s report by Vatican that Islam has outnumbered the others and have become the most observed religion of the world, may i ask why???

    Do both things have any connection??

    love and peace for all

  18. The Peace is broken. Let’s Fight then… But Dont Forget Christians n Jews. The Peace broken by You!!!

  19. Omer,

    The Peace is broken. Let’s Fight then… But Dont Forget Christians n Jews. The Peace broken by You!!!

    I’ve received death threats and damnation to Hell from Muslims on this blog, but a declaration of war is a new one!

    I am flattered.

  20. I hate it when other people say the dutch are racists… Almost every one I know is against Wilders and his movie to get more votes. Stupid Fool

  21. تعلمنا منذ كنا صغارا أن الكلاب تنبح والقافلة تسير وهكذا فإن دين محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ماض الى يوم الدين في تحقيق رسالته الخالدة في دعوة البشر الى الصراط المستقيم ومهما حاولتم فانكم لن تزيدونا الا اصرارا على المضي بحمل هذه الرسالة النبيلة رغم انف الحاقدين من اليهود والنصارى الحاقدين

  22. Since we were young, we have learnt the proverb which says :” Dogs bark, yet the caravan goes on ” .So the religion initiated by Allah’s Messanger Muhammed Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him will go on until Judgement Day to achieve the goals of his noble message which is leading all mankind to the Straight Path of Allah despite the grudge of Jews and those who help them among Christians.
    All that this Director shows in his film are mere responces to greater injustices practised by Jews and Christians. Had he wanted to be objective, he should gone to the beginning of the story not start from the end.

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