The new Attack Ad: Linking a Democrat to Barack Obama

The Weekly Standard
I wrote yesterday about Travis Childers, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s first Congressional District. Childer’s Republican opponent has been airing an ad that points out that Childers has received support from Barack Obama. In what seems a desperate attempt to preserve his general election chances, Childers has cut a stunning new ad:

In the above video (provided by, a Democratic politician complains that his families has heard the “lies” and “attacks” that link him to Barack Obama. Poll results among Democrats tell a similar story.

I’ve been wrong before. For instance, my initial endorsement of Barack Obama was as stupid as my endorsement of the Democratic Party in 2006. But I was wright on this thing: Barack Obama’s speech on race was awful — and his campaign has been a disaster ever since.

Warrior Housing is Part of the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex

During the Cold War, we built the “Military-Industrial Complex” to see us through to victory. The Military-Industrial Complex provided the network of civilian workers, Congressional politicians, and bureaucrats who worked together to give the Cold War political support, even when the complicated and divisive consequences of a global war against communism proved too difficult to express publicly.

The “Military-Industrial Complex” did its job. The only real purpose of the Complex know is to make sure our Air Force and Navy are strong enough to remove hick leaders (Milosevic of Serbia, Saddam of Iraq) when needed, and detour China from attacking Taiwan. The first is an important job. The second can be done much more quickly by providing Taiwan with nuclear weapons.

Now it’s time to build up a “SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex” to see us through to victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other wars in the third-world Gap. While the Military-Industrial-Complex required us to buy high-tech fighters, high-tech air craft carriers, and other high-tech weapons, the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex requires us to support and sustain a fighting force that are “never coming home,” that will have such things as housing, health care, and other human services as major expenses, and will require long stays in the military to build up the proper experience.

Support the military. Support the SysAdmin Industrial Complex.

Fix the Army Barracks conditions in 82nd Fort Bragg.

Obama Disowns Jeremiah Wright, but not Black Liberation Theology

Remember Obama’s dead hooker in the trunk moment, followed by his awful speech on race?

I can no more disown him [Rev. Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

Apparently, what Obama meant was “At a certain point, if what somebody says such things… then that’s enough.” Because Obama has disowned Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s displayed disasterous judgment, from originally joining the TUCC klavern to defending Wright as of 11:30 last night. Not only did he open himself up to serious question regarding his circle of friends — he embarrassed his supporters, who had to defend him while he defended that bigot.

The Campaign Spot at National Review notes that Obama’s criticisms of Wright that we heard moments ago was more or less what I wanted to hear in the Philadelphia speech.” Remember the Obama echo chamber, which dismissed criticism of Wright as those of sheltered white people frightened by a scary black man? Obama was perfectly happy for race-baiting by his supporters before he thought the Indiana primary might actually matter. But the political winds change, real damage to political discourse is done, and Obama has revealed himself to be even a worse political character than Hillary Clinton.

Obama’s style is so bad that it will hurt the country.

What’s sickening is that Obama’s continues his race-baiting two-step. During the Q&A, Obama was directly asked about Black Liberation Theology, and avoided the question. He’s still trying to have it both ways.

Words to live by

Your daily words of wisdom, from Jonah Goldberg:

“‘Symbols stand for something. That’s why we call them symbols.'”

That comment prompted David Freddoso at The Corner on National Review Online to link to this increasing hilarious post regarding Roger Ebert. Some tastes:

As Louis Armstrong once said, ”There are some folks that, if they don’t know, you can’t tell ’em.”

and then:

Q. I was looking through the quotes section of the Internet Movie Database and ran across this exchange from Me and My Pal (1933):

Oliver: You know what a magnet is, don’t you?

Stan: Sure, it’s a thing that eats cheese.

I must not be as fluent in old movie/vaudeville jokes as I thought I was. ”Magnet” sounds nothing like ”mouse,” so I’m stumped, unless it’s just Stan Laurel being silly, I’m stumped.

David Westhart, Philadelphia, Pa.

A. Everybody likes magnets. That’s why they call them magnets.

and then:

A lot of people didn’t even think ‘World War One’ was funny. So it just shows to go you.

Read the whole thing.

Kill Zombies

Slashdot links to two amazingly interesting posts, “Owning Kraken Zombies, a Detailed Discussion” and “Kraken Botnet Infiltration.” Kraken is a botnet, or network of infested computers, that is used for bad beeds such as password cracking and distributed denial of service attacks.

The researchers discovered a way to kill Kraken, limiting the zombie infestation. As the researchers note, “What if that target system is responsible for someones life support?”

The law should allow for zombies to be lobotomized at will, and should protect those who do so. Any bad effects should be the responsibility of those who care and give support for the zombies — their system administrators — and note anti-zombie “concerned local citizens.”

That’s the 2nd Amendment applied to cyberspace. That’s the American Way.

Jeremiah Wright’s Speech on Race, and What It Says about Nominations

Today on The Corner, the folks over at National Review are unhappy with Jeremiah’s Wright’s speech on race at the NAACP convention in Detroit, Michigan. Wright, of course, is Barack Obama’s pastor, the man who converted Obama to Christianity, and thus indirectly led to Obama’s hooker-in-the-trunk moment as well as Senator Obama’s disasterous speech on race. has posted the complete video of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s speech to the NAACP, and I encourage you to view the whole thing. The most interesting part begins four minutes into the second ten minutes:

As of this morning I could not find a full-text transcript of it, though criticisms by Byron York:

… I too was struck by Rev. Wright’s discussion of education in the Detroit speech last night. He drew some rather stereotyped distinctions in the way white and black children learn — white children learn diagrams and numbers, while black children memorize reams of hip-hop lyrics. He was dead serious about it.

And Victor Davis Hanson:

One of the strangest things about the NAACP Wright pseudo-scientific speech on learning, and its enthusiastic CNN coverage and analysis, was the abject racialism of Wright. It was sort of an inverse Bell-Curve presentation, based on assumed DNA differences.

His convoluted explanation of African-American right-brain ‘oral’ culture as more creative, musical, and spontaneous versus European left-brain traditional analysis could never have been given by someone white to that audience without justifiably earning booing and catcalls.

Three comments: this was just the sort of racist ‘genetic’ difference that most Americans learned to shun, now apparently quite acceptable again, and part of the mainstream.

Made me curious.

All in all, I came away impressed by Wright’s intelligence, humor, and intellectual ruggedness. Wright’s speech also made me more alarmed about him. Wright is a black nationalist, skeptical of international nationbuilding (it’s not deficient… just different), emphatic that American blacks speak a language other than English (not a dialect, a language), and aggressive in defending black “learning styles,” that involve jumping up on desks and eschew “meaningless solutions” like “reading, writing, and ritalin.”

Wright’s speech to the NAACP made me more nervous about an Obama administration. Obama is clearly comfortable enough with racist-progressives like Wright, in spite of the political costs they inflict. Where does this end? Nominations to Department of Education? Justice? State?

Get a Special, For-Review Edition of my New Book!

Books finished. It’s not too much, mostly a revision of my Revolution of Early Christianity history with a (vaguely) tighter focus on COIN and the Generations of War. My purpose in writing/revising it was that (a) Mark Sanfraski of ZenPundit will be doing something similar with the completed Boyd Roundtable, and (b) certain elements of the “money-fantasy machine” have been hijacking the xGW and 5GW frameworks for their own ends.

So I wanted something in print, darnit.

The press is Nimble, which is and on-demand press, but (unlike PublishAmerica) apparently on the up-and-up. Once it’s on general sale I’ll get royalty checks (my goal: one Starbucks coffee a year’s worth), but for now: you can read what I have to say for free!

The catch? Respond below or email to, and write a review either on your own blog, through Amazon’s RealName system, or both! Can be good, bad, or whatever. Essentialy trying to drum up some web hits for it, so potential buyers (or people who stumble upon it on Google BookSearch) recognize there’s a community behind it.

Any takers?

A Game Called Treason!

So Mother of tdaxp, Cousin of tdaxp, a friend, and myself were playing Monopoly this morning. The game was going well, with every potential Monopoly being foiled along the way by some other player’s purchase. My only ray of light was owning 3 railroads, so at least that was some steady income.

Then, the last color-group fell my way: I gained a monopoly on Balti and Mediterranean.

As quickly as I could I purchsed hotels on each, and the money began rolling in.

Better, the near corner of the board was dangerous for everyone else, with Short Line, Luxury Tax, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Income Tax all standing there to take their money.

But then: treason! A conspiracy unfolded in front of my eyes, with the “anyone but tdaxp” faction far too powerful.

Rapidly all remaining properties and cash were collected under one player’s control, as a Trust most foul ruled the board.

A game called Monopoly? Ha! More like… a game called treason.

(Relatedly, courtesy of Electronic Anomie, how to win at Monopoly and Probabilities in he Game of Monopoly.)

Who will be deputized to tell Obama that it’s time to quit? And when?

He’s behind in the popular vote, whether you count the elections in all 50 states, or merely those contests where votes were cast (as opposed to caucuses). (Obviously, if you exclude states that voted in a time that Howard Dean didn’t like, or go by the racially discriminatory “pledged delegate count,” Obama’s still ahead.)

Obama and the National Anthem

How much farther behind Hillary Clinton does Obama have to fall before the DNC asks him to step aside, in the interests of their party’s ideals?

Obama and Urban COIN

This TV ad condemning Barack Obama for opposing some gang-related death sentences has been making the rounds. Here it is (with a hat-tip to PA Pundits):

This is a fair ad. Counter-Insurgency (COIN) against gangs has unfortunately not been a major issue, and “gang terrorism” is as good a shorthand for what’s going on as any. Obviously, there’s no “exit strategy” for America’s big cities, and the long-term answer will be jobs, but a variety of factors make too many urban youths unemployable in the short- and medium- turn. Eliminating rogue elements and gang “dead enders” should be a priority for the government, as gangs are quiet adapt at flexing power and extracting rents from the prisons supposedly meant to discipline them.

Barack Obama’s weak on urban COIN, weak on gang terrorism.

Don’t vote for him.