Why I Support John McCain

To compare him to his Democratic opponents, on the issues that matter

1. Immigration
McCain joins in the the hardwork of actually getting compromise legislation through the Congress. Clinton and Obama are widely seen as sympathetic to immigration reform, but do not take political risks to move it forward.
Advantage: McCain +.5

2. Free Trade
McCain joins the majority to enact DR-CAFTA, and stands up for NAFTA when it is being criticized for other candidates. Obama and Clinton are seen by those “in the know” as secretly supporters NAFTA and CAFTA, though they deny that.
Advantage: McCain +.5

3. Iraq
McCain proves me wrong, showing that my calls for withdrawal in Iraq were misguided, and what was really needed was a true counter-insurgency (COIN) strategy. Clinton still gives glimmers of supporting McCain’s position, but Obama’s twice-wrong position (against the war then, against the war now) allows us only to quote this-or-that adviser who implies the war would continue under him.
Advantage: McCain (v. Clinton) +.5
Advantage: McCain (v. Obama) +.75

4. Abortion
Where there is clearly a point at where post-conception birth control ends, there is also a point where pre-birth infanticide begins. McCain opposes the lawful murder of unborn children. Obama and Clinton do not.
Advantage: McCain +1

5. Science
McCain, Clinton, and Obama routinely support anti-science fads, such as destroying the Kennewick evidence and potentially foolish global warming legislation.
Advantage: No one.

In conclusion:

McCan v. Clinton: +2.5 on the major issues
McCain v. Obama: +2.75 on the major issues

Vote John McCain for President.