Protect the country against Zombies

Another day gone back. Another day without a comprehensive zombie-defense plan from any of the major candidates.

Man warns City Council of possible zombie attack – Salt Lake Tribune
Wyndham-Price even paused to joke that Georgia’s saltwater taffy is better than Utah’s. “I hope that is not an ad hominem,” he shrugged.
Then he got specific and all reason helicoptered into the ether.
City Creek needs an emergency-preparedness plan, he demanded, against zombies.
Zombies are fierce,” he said as a crammed council chamber laughed nervously. “They are going to catch us in there.”
Wyndham-Price admitted he never has seen a zombie attack but is sure one is coming. And shoppers could be sitting ducks in a sky bridge.

The Zombie threat is widely recognized. An oral history of the zombie war was recently a best seller. But still our elected politicians do nothing.


4 thoughts on “Protect the country against Zombies”

  1. Eddie’s Commanding OFficer giving him one last opportunity to change his mind about leaving the Navy….

    “Son, you know if there’s a zombie outbreak and then war, most survivors will be sailors out to sea. We’ve got food, power, guns, ammo, etc. When that zombie is eating your brains, you’ll have wished you’d stayed in.”

  2. All one would need for a Zombie Squad would need are a lot guns, a dozen or so snippers that are good at hitting heads, some jackets that say “Z-squad,” a few cars and helicopters, and an on-staff lawyer to explain to the grieving relatives why aunt betty wasn’t really aunt betty anymore, or how little Aidan tried to bite Lucy on the jungle gym. To make everyone happy the lawyer will inform the beneficiaries how they can now claim Betty’s social security benefits for X-years or how Aidan’s mom can chose either some mourning time off from work or college tuition benefits for Aidan’s sister, Madeleine so long as everyone goes home and forgets about the whole mess. Imagine the possibilities.

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