John McCain Wrong on the Gas Tax

John McCain is my guy, in spite of his imperfections. I’ve described his weaknesses in science and health care before. Here’s another one: John McCain wants to lower the gas tax (hat-tip to TPMCafe).

McCain urged Congress to institute a “gas-tax holiday” by suspending the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day. He also renewed his call for the United States to stop adding to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and thus lessen to some extent the worldwide demand for oil.

At the very point when the market is sending signals to consumers to buy more fuel efficient vehicles and the United States Treasury is increasing its borrowing to fund McCain’s War surge, McCain want to make gas cheaper so people will keep buying SUV’s and cut income to the Treasury so we will have to borrow more from the Chinese government. Back in February during a Republican Debate, McCain said he was going to cut wasteful spending so much that we would no longer have to borrow from the Chinese. He’s a magician!

Instead, we should raise the gas tax. As I mentioned in one of my first post, $5/gallon is a reasonable place to start the discussion.