The McGovern-Jackson Ticket

Surprising no one, Barack Obama has lost the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. His performance was as it always was, bringing together would-be George McGovern and Jesse Jackson voters, while repelling nearly everyone else (uneducated whites, latinos, asians). What made the Pennsylvania election especially interesting was that Hillary Clinton was doing everything she could to make it look like that McGovern-Jackson ticket was running against John McCain. Thus, her advertisement:

Of course, this makes a lot of sense. Hillary is systematically supporting her contention that Barack Obama will lose to John McCain. Certainly the results from Pennsylvania (where Clinton was outspent 2-, 3-, or 4- to 1, depending on your source) strengthen her arguments.

Tonight was also Barack Obama’s third blown chance to win the Democratic Primary, after New Hampshire and Ohio-Texas. While it’s safe to say my early prediction that an Obama candidacy would emphasize the things that make us strongest was hooey, the Pennsylvania results at least strengthen my hope that Barack Obama will do the most important thing: lose in November.

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