A Game Called Treason!

So Mother of tdaxp, Cousin of tdaxp, a friend, and myself were playing Monopoly this morning. The game was going well, with every potential Monopoly being foiled along the way by some other player’s purchase. My only ray of light was owning 3 railroads, so at least that was some steady income.

Then, the last color-group fell my way: I gained a monopoly on Balti and Mediterranean.

As quickly as I could I purchsed hotels on each, and the money began rolling in.

Better, the near corner of the board was dangerous for everyone else, with Short Line, Luxury Tax, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Income Tax all standing there to take their money.

But then: treason! A conspiracy unfolded in front of my eyes, with the “anyone but tdaxp” faction far too powerful.

Rapidly all remaining properties and cash were collected under one player’s control, as a Trust most foul ruled the board.

A game called Monopoly? Ha! More like… a game called treason.

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6 thoughts on “A Game Called Treason!”

  1. You peaked too soon. Perhaps if you had slowly increased your potential revenue streams at your monopolistic corner (rather than exceeding your 3-RR “$100 rent” by more than 300%) you would not have forced the sectarian factions to unite against you.

    It would also have been worthwhile to employ a “Human Terrain Team” that could have advised you of the risks in that “Purple Triangle”. By compounding the risks already associated with that corner, you encouraged your opponents to join forces.


  2. Eddie,

    A follow-on game of PS2 NCAA Football helped clarify things! 🙂


    Excellent comment. I agree.

    The approach of “lunch” was a complicating factor, but sadly, my Monopoly’s deafness to the hopes & dreams of the other tycoons doomed its sruggle for rapid victory…

  3. I remember a similar situation with a game of Risk at one point in Aarons basement.
    It’s not as important that someone wins, just that tdaxp loses.

  4. biz,

    I mentioned that infamous game of Lord of the Rings Risk many times in my lamentations…


    Ironically, the second-such “anyone but tdaxp” game featured by vociferous (but ignored) claims that moneylending was explicitly forbidden by the Monopoly rulebook!

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