Get a Special, For-Review Edition of my New Book!

Books finished. It’s not too much, mostly a revision of my Revolution of Early Christianity history with a (vaguely) tighter focus on COIN and the Generations of War. My purpose in writing/revising it was that (a) Mark Sanfraski of ZenPundit will be doing something similar with the completed Boyd Roundtable, and (b) certain elements of the “money-fantasy machine” have been hijacking the xGW and 5GW frameworks for their own ends.

So I wanted something in print, darnit.

The press is Nimble, which is and on-demand press, but (unlike PublishAmerica) apparently on the up-and-up. Once it’s on general sale I’ll get royalty checks (my goal: one Starbucks coffee a year’s worth), but for now: you can read what I have to say for free!

The catch? Respond below or email to, and write a review either on your own blog, through Amazon’s RealName system, or both! Can be good, bad, or whatever. Essentialy trying to drum up some web hits for it, so potential buyers (or people who stumble upon it on Google BookSearch) recognize there’s a community behind it.

Any takers?

18 thoughts on “Get a Special, For-Review Edition of my New Book!”

  1. Any timeframe for putting a review up? Although I suppose given a) my ignorance of Christian history, and b) my skepticism of the xGW framework, I wouldn’t be an ideal reviewer…

  2. I’m not a qualified reviewer, but will definitely purchase a copy for reading when it’s available.

    If more people going the print-on-demand route had realistic goals like yours, PublishAmerica wouldn’t thrive.

  3. Ok Dan, why not. I found your postings about the overthrow of the Roman Empire by Christianity an interesting and novel idea. I’ll give it a shot, although I too have not written a book review before for publication.

  4. I will review it. For three semesters I have assisted a class called “The History of Christianity in the Early Middle Ages.” When I finish reviewing the book, I shall pass it on to my professor who is an expert on the subject. I will ask him to write a short review too.

    I hope our reviews will help sell copies of the book. It’s a great marketing strategy, Dan.

  5. what if you’ve already read it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i will happily write a short review. and i AM qualified ๐Ÿ˜‰

    feel free to just send me the final digital copy. analog not necessary.

  6. digital copy please.. i dunno know what the hell i’m reading about 5GW about it but I look forward to it as a learning experience and certainly like the concept of COIN back then.

  7. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I’ll review the hardcopy (I like to hold books and am loath to read them on anything with pixels) as soon as I purchase it. Given my own vision of the Anti-Christ being a potential proto-example of 5GW this will prove interesting and I’m looking forward to it.

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