The new Attack Ad: Linking a Democrat to Barack Obama

The Weekly Standard
I wrote yesterday about Travis Childers, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Mississippi’s first Congressional District. Childer’s Republican opponent has been airing an ad that points out that Childers has received support from Barack Obama. In what seems a desperate attempt to preserve his general election chances, Childers has cut a stunning new ad:

In the above video (provided by, a Democratic politician complains that his families has heard the “lies” and “attacks” that link him to Barack Obama. Poll results among Democrats tell a similar story.

I’ve been wrong before. For instance, my initial endorsement of Barack Obama was as stupid as my endorsement of the Democratic Party in 2006. But I was wright on this thing: Barack Obama’s speech on race was awful — and his campaign has been a disaster ever since.

Warrior Housing is Part of the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex

During the Cold War, we built the “Military-Industrial Complex” to see us through to victory. The Military-Industrial Complex provided the network of civilian workers, Congressional politicians, and bureaucrats who worked together to give the Cold War political support, even when the complicated and divisive consequences of a global war against communism proved too difficult to express publicly.

The “Military-Industrial Complex” did its job. The only real purpose of the Complex know is to make sure our Air Force and Navy are strong enough to remove hick leaders (Milosevic of Serbia, Saddam of Iraq) when needed, and detour China from attacking Taiwan. The first is an important job. The second can be done much more quickly by providing Taiwan with nuclear weapons.

Now it’s time to build up a “SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex” to see us through to victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other wars in the third-world Gap. While the Military-Industrial-Complex required us to buy high-tech fighters, high-tech air craft carriers, and other high-tech weapons, the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex requires us to support and sustain a fighting force that are “never coming home,” that will have such things as housing, health care, and other human services as major expenses, and will require long stays in the military to build up the proper experience.

Support the military. Support the SysAdmin Industrial Complex.

Fix the Army Barracks conditions in 82nd Fort Bragg.