Shlok on 5GW: Worse than Wrong

Like Purpleslog I subscribe to Shlok’s RSS feed. We even have similar interests. He’s a good thinker and a good writer. Which is why nonsense like this is a kick in the teeth:

Shlok Vaidya’s Thinking › Key: Reacting To System Shocks
5GW is what we label the emergent pattern formed by a distributed multitude of empowered individuals acting in concert by acting in their own self interest, without any collaboration.

Point: Understanding that warfare is not all that different from any other system shock. Value: you build systems that are resilient and able to handle all of them.

Logic: The more naturally unpredictable events you can deal with, the better. Examples: tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. (Differentiated from brute force attacks such as hurricanes or any kind of warfare utilizing tanks.) The commonality is the disruption of service delivery infrastructure, now able to be replicated by small groups or one individual. The tactical mechanics of warfare matter less in an era where anyone can do anything at any time from scratch. This means flat, lean platforms that are able to foster reactions to all system shocks effectively are key.

RC’s [Resilient Communities] are the strategy until we can see or know more about 5GW (all we can currently know is in that paragraph), although I don’t think this core understanding will change.

As far as I can tell, Shlok is doing the following:

  1. Redefine a useful concept out of existence
  2. Defend that value-destroying definition by saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
  3. Defending his ignorance by saying his redefinition is probably right, anyway

It’s disappointing stuff.

An idea that is merely one is one that observes some phenomenon, and provides an incorrect interpretation of it. Shlok’s post is worth than wrong, as it obfoscates what the subject of study.

The idea of someone taking it seriously frightens me. Either that person would be an academic, and (honestly judging from the intellectual quality of the post) conclude that the entire generation of war framework is trash, or someone who seeks to use the information to do something practical, which he’ll find harder to do after surviving Shlok’s nonsense-ignorance-presumption three-step.