A “House of Lords” for Iraq?

Major props to Soob for hosting a fascinating conversation on constitution reform in Iraq. Soob begins by noting the limitations of the Surge, excerpts the following piece from a RAND analysis:

Soob: Going Tribal II: The House of Tribes
Our proposal envisions revamping the Iraqi constitution to create a federal branch with two houses: a lower house comprised of all political parties and dealing with daily political, social and economic issues; and a higher House of Tribes, based on tribal affiliations, not provinces. This would introduce a check and balance system that would benefit all Iraqis and set the stage for pure Iraqi reunification. The governance scope of this higher body would be the same as the lower.

And then allows an amazing discussion to follow in the comments.

Good show!

The Logic of Clinton’s Rightist Rhetoric

Chris Bowers of MyDD, a liberal pundit as smart as all get-out, notes that Hillary Clinton appears to be running as a Republican:

Open Left:: Who Are The Elites?
It fits into a larger pattern where Clinton is using right-wing conceptualizations of elitism to attack Obama. Now, for example, she is sending out direct mail attacking Obama for being an elitist who wants to take away rural people’s guns. That is a pretty stark right-wing turn for Clinton in this campaign.

A true nightmare scenario for progressives is when the leader of the Democratic Party participates in, gives credence to, and “closes the triangle” on the centerpiece of conservative ideology over the last forty years: the Great Backlash Narrative against civil rights and “liberal elites.”. While Obama has engaged in some right-wing talking points of his own on “Hillarycare,” a social security “crisis,” and the rather absurd notion that the Clintons are ultra-partisan super lefties, Clinton is stepping into far more dangerous territory here. Her arguments border on holding liberalism and progressivism itself in the same sort of narrative contempt that conservatives have long done through the Great Backlash Narrative. This very much reminds of me when the DLC was dominant in the Democratic Party in the 1990’s, and it is not a place to where I long to return.

Christ is right.

Clinton did poorly enough between Super Tuesday and Virginia that merely putting in a good show would result in her losing. Rather, Clinton needed to demonstrate that Obama was a uniquely incompetent candidate who would surely lose to McCain in a general election. Her strategy for doing this was to run as John McCain in the Democratic primary, demonstrating that if Obama cannot even hold onto Democratic partisans, he has no shot in November.

Not only is Hillary Clinton’s advertisement titled Kitchen

nearly identical in tone to John McCain’s “624787 “

McCain could use Clinton’s attack ads as is, simply searching-and-replacing her name for his

The reason is to drive one point home: If Barack Obama can barely win Democratic Party elections against John McCain in the spring, how can he defeat John McCain in the Fall?