This Strange Democratic Race

As I write this, nearly everyone has predicted that Barack Obama will win North Carolina’s primary, while CBS is preciting that Hillary Clinton will win Indiana.

Barack Obama’s strategy of racial polarization continued to do its work today, tearing his party at the seams while giving him a large enough margin among one race to run out the clock.

In fairness to Barack, he also does well among the college educated crowd. As college graduates run the media, it was fun watching then apologize for his defeats and hype his victories. Bill Schneider on CNN praised Obama for winning a third of the white vote in North Carolina.

The Democratic primary process has been strange so far. Hillary began the night leading in the popular vote (certified votes), Obama head in pledged delegates (assuming they vote with their constituents). Hillary began the campaign by playing the sex card. Obama tries to stay alive with the race card. The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (Howard Dean) makes oblique pro-Obama statements regularly, while word is that the Clintons control the Democratic Rules Committee.

I hope they both lose.

FBI Agents Raid Work, Home Of Special Counsel’s Bloch –

When I first read the headline, I thought that Patrick Fitzgerald was nabbed. The case is still interesting, but with far less possibility of Rovian conspiracy theories:

FBI Agents Raid Work, Home Of Special Counsel’s Bloch –
WASHINGTON — Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided the Office of Special Counsel here, seizing computers and documents belonging to the agency chief Scott Bloch and staff.

More than a dozen FBI agents served grand jury subpoenas shortly after 10 a.m., shutting down the agency’s computer network and searching its offices, as well as Mr. Bloch’s home. Employees said the searches appeared focused on alleged obstruction of justice by Mr. Bloch during the course of an 2006 inquiry into his conduct in office.
[Scott Bloch]

The independent agency, created by Congress in the wake of the Watergate scandal, is charged with protecting federal employees and deciding whether their complaints merit full-scale investigation — a first line of defense against fraud and mismanagement in government. It also enforces a ban on U.S. employees engaging in partisan political activity.

If the Special Counsel had been tipped off the raid was coming, could he have attempted to indict the FBI caseworker with his powers?

Notes on Motivation

I just finished reading Motivation in Education: Theory, Research, and Applications (3rd edition) by Dale Schunk, Paul Pintrich, and Judith Meece. I read it for the summer session I am taking on motivation. That seminar is my second-to-last substantive class in my Doctoral Program of Studies, and hopefully useful for my research into blogging, creativity, and the OODA Loop.

Notes are below the fold. The most interesting graphic in this book was this description of a social-cognitive theory of motivation, which appears to be Orientation-Decision-Orientation-Action in the terms of OODA loop, on page 51

Excerpts from the book

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