Obama and the 57 States

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By now you’ve seen the footage of Barack Obama ruing the fact that he hasn’t been able to visit all 57 states in this great union of ours. If you haven’t, scroll down a bit and read Goldfarb’s post on the matter. I’ll wait.

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Has Obama absorbed such expansionist designs to such an extent that he’s already counting his proverbial new chickens before they’ve hatched? Is he planning on adopting Canada? Perhaps he only has his eyes on the cool parts of Canada like Montreal and Toronto, and will let the remainder of our northern neighbor peacefully tend to its hockey playing and curling. And what of our neighbors to the south? Will we find ourselves in an Obama administration forced to refer to Haiti as Really South Dakota?

Now, if Obama actually supported the annexation of 7 new states, I would support him. However, his cowardice on immigration reform (allowing non-showhorse politicians like Ted Kennedy and John McCain to stick their necks out), his nativism on trade (opposition to NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, and the Colombian and Korean free trade areas), and his coalition’s hostility to latinos (as also reflected in latin wariness of him) makes that unlikely.

If John McCain used rhetoric as bigoted and hateful as Barack Obama, he would some comment about this is what you get with an affirmative action hire. Fortunately for political discourse in this country, John McCain isn’t a race-baiter in the way that Barack Obama is a race-baiter… or a baiter of other prejudices, for that matter.

Barack Obama should denounce his own divisive rhetoric on race and age, and in so doing help elevate politics in this country.

Stephen Pampinella Reviews “Revolutionary Strategies in Early Christianity”

Major props to Stephen Pampinella, for his glowing review of Revolutionary Strategies in Early Christianity: 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) Against the Roman Empire, and the Counterinsurgency (COIN) Campaign to Save It.

Revolutionary Strategies in Early Christianity

As Stephen wrote in his review:

The best of Dan’s strategic analysis involves integrating Boyd’s PISRR steps to victory and the gendering of different aspects of war. PISRR stands for Penetrate-Isolate-Subdue/Subvert-Reorganize-Reharmonize. However, to successfully PISRR an enemy, and harmonize its existence according to one’s own strategy, it is necessary to use both male Panzers and female Soldats. Panzers crash gates, Soldats build societies. Using one without the other leaves one strategically vulnerable to further annihalation or eventual subversion. Femininity and Masculinity go hand in hand in warfare, a velvet glove to an iron fist. Christian Panzers spread the Good Word, Soldats ensured it stayed in the hearts and minds of the people. When the Empire was weak, it could switch to a Christian ideology that was already well received among the people. Thus, Christians destroyed the Roman will to resist it, as it became more rational to embrace it.

Thanks Stephen!

The window is still open for free review-copies for interested reviewers. Want one? Just comment below!