Apple, the computer of choice (but not for me)

Slashdot’s report that 66% of high-end personal computers are macs was a surprise to me, but perhaps shouldn’t have been. I have admired Mac OS X for years, with its superb combination of usability what-you-see-is-what-you-get usability and BSD unix power. Indeed, the last computer my family purchased would have been a Mac, if our standardized line of printer supported that operating system.

Because Mac OS X is thus out of the picture, and I’ve never had a pleasant experience with Vista, I plan to make my next PC a Windows XP box. It runs the software I need, which is more I can say for either Vista or OSX.

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  1. What software do you need that you can’t tun on OS X? Or on a WinXP dual-booted machine? C’mon… John Robb, Shlok, and Tanji are doing it. Join the revolution! 😉

  2. My life was once complicated… then I bought a Macbook. Now life is still complicated, but occasionally fun. The ability to run both WINXP and OS X on an Apple machine is relatively easy to set up and then use. I see no reason why your printer cannot work in that fashion…

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    My central desire is for a screen large enough for me to compare two documents side-by-side: this means at least 15.4w. Mac laptops with a 15 inch screen start four times higher than PCs. Even with additionally features, there appears to be a $1,000 price premium for the Mac operating system. Considering that to make it’d work I’d have to dual boot, if I wanted to earn my creds as a unix-style geek, it’d make more sense to dual-boot to Linux against MacOSX.

    Thus, no switch to OSX in the future. Though I will admire it from a distance, and use it in the university’s medialab when I need to do video editing.

  4. Not being a smartass, but why drive a Ford focus when you could have a Mercedes?

    Unless you need to run CAD, there’s not much else you can’t run on a Mac using OSX 10.5 . . or buy yourself a new 24″ iMac and run all three platforms . . at the same time, I’m told . .

    Also I interface with 5 brands and 3 types of printers, and 2 plotters, as well as a 12 head Embroidery machine.

    As for cost . . Dunno, I use a 6 year old G4 Sawtooth with a new 2 ghz dual processor ($450 upgrade) . . it’s (the computer) paid for itself about 3 or 4 times . . During that time the office my wife manages has gone through 3 complete repops of PCs and systems . . Gawd himself only knows how much that cost . . as well as the labor costs dealing with shutdowns and blue screens . .

    Y’gotta ask yourself . . would you get on a Boeing 737 if it was being operated with a PC platform running Windows of any vintage?

  5. large,

    Among other programs

    OpenOffice: My favorite office suite relies on two different port teams
    Diplomacy: My favorite time waster is a set of Windows apps
    Printer: Driver only available for Windows

    It’s quite the “Mercedes” without a steering column, a transmission, or a trunk!

    For all my complains of Windows, blue screens have been very rare since the transition over to the NT codebase. (Mac programs tend to be more likely to spontaneously crash, in my experience.) Mac has fewer applications made by fewer developers, however, so in many ways the environment is cleaner.


    I above I am currently considering, and I believe XP is still offered if you act now.

    Pay particular attention towards the battery life. Since the battery is drained with a DVD, you can expect it to last close to 50% longer while doing stuff with the wifi on.

    But, if you are willing to wait and bit longer…

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