Vista. Not good. (Dell isn’t either)

I spent much of the time between lunch and dinner yesterday “fixing” my father-in-law’s new Dell computer, a process very similar to how I spent a similar amount of time “fixing” my mom’s new Dell notebook a bit ago. I say “fixing” because I’m sure Dell would claim nothing was wrong with it — only Dell’s bloatware. Dell puts so much nonsensical junk on its computers to make the machine nearly unusable. Programs loaded so slowly, and froze so frequently, that only critical tasks were done on it. Everything else waited for him to go to his office, and use his Lenovo ThinkPad.

About half the time went to removing general bloatware, and the other half to getting rid of the awful antivirus program.

It really makes me angry how bad Vista is in general, and Dell’s bundling in particular. A lot of people are like my mom or father-in-law: smart people who are new to computers, and have their experience really degraded by this nonsense.

A little more than two hours later, most of the junk was removed and localized versions of Firefox and 7-Zip were installed. At the beginning of the day I offered to install a fresh copy of XP, but by the end I had turned off most of Vista’s bugs (UAC, the annoying popups, etc) so that it was almost as good as a computer bought 2 (or 20) years ago.