Thomas Friedman on Barack Obama

I’ve been saying to a few friends that Obama’s words, while deceitful, are not self contradictory: he has quietly maintained a legalistic distinction between “preparation” and “precondition” that allows him to appear to say two things at once. Tom Friedman now calls Obama on this:

Op-Ed Columnist – Thomas L. Friedman – It’s All About Leverage – Op-Ed –
Barack Obama is getting painfully close to tying himself in knots with all his explanations of the conditions under which he would unconditionally talk with America’s foes, like Iran. His latest clarification was that there is a difference between “preparations” and “preconditions” for negotiations with bad guys. Such hair-splitting word games do not inspire confidence, and they play right into the arms of his critics. The last place he wants to look uncertain is on national security.

The next paragraph describes some “Bush III”-like promises from Obama. The rest of the article is pretty good, too.

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  1. The DNC is doing it best,, that is a load of crap, its doing it best for barack obama and for Hilary she should do what she has to during this election,, I Hope she goes independent, so much talk is she does anything she will hurt her self for any office later,, that is crap what is true,, the DNC and corporate media already did that by the way they treated her,, there are so many Hilary voter are not going to vote,, but I want my vote to count, So like so many Barack Obama supporter claim they do ,, If obama does not win the primary obama supporter will vote for McCain, well what goes around comes around, I do not support the DNC , I only support Hilary clinton, I will not wast my vote,, by not voting,, I will Vote for McCain, not because I want him to win, Because I do not want Barack Obama to win more,, I can put up with McCain for 4 years, His hands are tired with congress anyway,, not much he can get done with out congress,, when this election is over a new campaign will start,, that is to replace the DNC and all the senators congress men & woman who treated Hilary with so dis-respect
    When there Term is up,, so many Democrats will be replace with Democrats that will be for the poeple,,What goes around comes Around,

  2. –sounds like a Cult of Hillary.

    Actual issues don’t matter, apparently. I wonder why Dan has never addressed this.

    Bet you won’t find a Cult of McCain though. A few begrudging votes for the less-than-ideal GOP candidate who is “the best we got! sigh…”

  3. Gallup:

    Large majorities of Democrats and independents, and even about half of Republicans, believe the president of the United States should meet with the leaders of countries that are considered enemies of the United States. Overall, 67% of Americans say this kind of diplomacy is a good idea.


    About 6 in 10 Americans (59%) think it would be a good idea for the president of the United States to meet with the president of Iran. This includes about half of Republicans, a majority of independents, and most Democrats.

  4. After watching Father Flager, I’ve realized that Obama’s church is kinda like the WWF. I want to be clear that WWF does not stand for World Wildlife Federation. I guess Fr. Flager is what happens when a wigger grows up and hears a calling from God? Anyway, I can’t see how McCain can possibly loose to these people?

    Friedman is correct about Obama saying two things at once. When Obama likes “to have a conversation about race” he usually states white working class concerns or list of gripes and then goes on to explain how we need more polices that will hurt the white working class (affirmative action, quotas).

    We must remember that Obama is very much like Bill Clinton in which he needs to succeed in life mostly to increase his self-worth. Obama is extremely insecure and if he did get elected, he might end up having a breakdown when he realizes that being President still won’t make the pain of his childhood go away.

    Obama’s double speak doesn’t occur to him because like other heavy drug users, he’s in a constant state of “the hustle.” The “hustle” or “hustling” is the action of getting the next “fix.” Obama’s next “fix” is becoming President. Instead of ripping off tourists in downtown Chicago with money exchanging schemes, Obama “hustles” these same white people while running for President.

    Obama needs more counseling before becoming President.

  5. Paul V,

    It looks like when the Democratic voters have a say, they ignore the leadership and vote Hillary. Thus Hillary gets the majority of the popular vote, while Dean supports Obama; Hillary wins South Dakota while Daschle supports Obama, etc. [1]

    Unfortunately for the country (assuming a Democratic wins), the Democratic nomination is not a Democratic process. Too bad,


    Interesting that those numbers don’t include Obama, who has refused to meet with Iran unless certain preconditions (I think he is calling these “circumstances,” because of a previously pledge to meet with Iran’s leaders with no prececonditions) are met.

    Obama’s “clarifying” distinction of preconditoins v. circumstances (or whatever) raises an interesting idea of why his rhetoric has evolved. Essentially, the question is whether Obama was dissembling earlier in his campaign, or he really thought it was a good idea that his advisers talked him out of. I’m rotting for the latter option. If Obama does win, I want him to be as mediocre a candidate as he appears to be.

    I’d take Bush III before Obama II. Hence I hope he really changed his mind between that an the general, as he recently realized that his ideas were incompatible with attending his racist church [2]. I think the more idealistic of his supporters hope he is purposefully giving a false impression, though, as he may be to his union supporters by pretending to oppose NAFTA, the WTO, etc.


    I don’t think many successful politicians have normal psychological needs.

    Hopefully in the case of Obama, though, he may just be normal enough not to have many ideas beyond a desire to take as few political risks as possible. Assuming he wins, such political cowardice would keep him from as much damage as he otherwise might.


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