Vote McCain to Reduce World Hunger

Of course, this analysis by Adam of The Metropolis Times assumes some consistency between Obama’s record as a Senator and his record as a President. Still, it’s informative:

The Metropolis Times: World Hunger…. Still Around
There are a lot of issues to consider this November, but global poverty should be near, if not at, the top of everyone’s list. Research your local candidates to determine who to vote for. The Cato Institute has done our work for us when it comes to the Presidential candidates, tracking Congressional votes and assigning representatives spots on a free trade matrix.

John McCain has voted against trade barriers 88% of the time, and against trade subsidies 80% of the time. He is a solid Free Trader, and has kept to that position throughout the campaign.

Barack Obama voted against trade barriers only 36% of the time, and against trade subsidies exactly 0%. This puts him in the Interventionist area of the matrix, exactly the opposite of a Free Trader.

Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate, voted against trade subsidies 93% of the time, but voted against trade barriers only 17% of the time, making him an Isolationist.

Cynthia McKinney, a possible Green Party candidate, voted against trade barrier 31% of the time and trade subsidies 74% of the time, also making her an Isolationist.

The choice seems pretty easy. Assuming that vote records and stated positions line up with future Presidential behavior, an Obama victory would be a tragedy for the starving poor of the world, while a McCain victory would help economic growth in areas that need it most.

Support the developing world. Support Africa. Vote McCain.

Windows Home Server – Chinese Edition Ships!

Congrats to Brendan and everyone else who made this possible!

Windows Home Server Team Blog : Windows Home Server – Chinese Edition
Microsoft announced today that Windows Home Server Chinese Edition will be launched in Taiwan in the second half of 2008. OEM Partners including Gigabyte, VIA, WNC, and Sampo who will offer complete solutions for households. Here is a snapshot of an article from Economic Daily on June 5, 2008.

WHS is one of the two approaches I use to breach the Great Firewall of China. Congrats on the good work!

Still waiting for Obama’s national discussion on race

For all the talk about Obama’s national dialogue on race, so far it’s been limited to blaming old people like his grandmother and his minister for living in the past.

But America’s racial problems are not the fault of the likes of Barack’s grandmother. Rather, they have their route in systemic and sustained differences in performance on a variety of measures. For instance: pro-social behavior.

Half Sigma: School teachers in Fairfax County are racist
(1) Someone decided that in addition to teaching traditional academic subjects, the Fairfax County schools should also teach life skills deemed “essential for success in the workplace” such as “the ability to contribute effectively in a group” the ability to “resolve conflicts,” and “the demonstration of moral character and ethical judgment.”

(2) Part of the plan included measuring students’ level of ability in these non-academic life skills.

(3) The measurements showed that blacks do poorly in these non-academic life skills compared to whites.

(4) The Fairfax County School Board thus votes to “abandon” the report (how do you do that exactly?) and change the plan because the skill gap between whites and blacks demonstrated that the teachers were racist in measuring their students. The Fairfax County School Board, you see, has received word from Higher Powers that blacks and whites are identical in these life skills, and thus they know that the only reason the measurements would show otherwise is because of racist teachers.

An actual national discussion on race would tackle the difficult question of how to create an equal and equitable society in a country of great diversity. Obama’s campaign and supporters, by contrast, have been limited to saying how great it is for a black to have a shot at a prestigious job.

Obama’s run a racially divisive campaign, so it’s no surprise that his base of support is largely blacks (who politically recognize themselves to be in a poor situation and thus rationally attempt to use political organization to extract wealth from society) and nearly everyone else (asians, latinos, uneducated whites, etc.). The exception here are educated whites who are socialized into the softer university subjects, and thus seek signs that they are not racist.

Obviously, a real national dialog on race would be better than this mess. We’re just not going to get it with Barack Obama.

The Audacity of Hope in Barack Obama

My friend Curtis (who has recently been splitting his time between high-quality theoretical work on xGW and specious posts in favor of Barack Obama) recently made an unlikely claim regarding John McCain. I asked Curtis for a reference, and he initially supplied an edited campaign-style YouTube video. Asking for an actual evidence (such as an unedited video, or a transcript), Curtis replied (in full):

Nope. It’s there in his own words, his own face, his own voice, his own PR moment.

Now, for comparison, imagine if someone had made an unusual claim regarding William Lind (that he denied the existence of stages within 4GW, say), and when asked for a reference the claimant merely said, “Nope. It’s there in his own words, his own face, his own voice, his own PR moment.” Obviously this so-called citation is nothing of the sort! Indeed, the childish nonsense of the reply would make one wonder whether or not the claimant is serious about understanding the situation at all.

It’s hard to blame Obama supporters for their nonsensical attacks on McCain when Obama set the tone for himself, with his inexplicable attack on his grandmother during the primary race. Still, it’s disappointing when otherwise serious bloggers abandon analysis for hope, and write as naively and speciously on the candidates as Curtis is now doing.

Good Politicians II

I supported John McCain and Hillary Clinton for the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2005.

I still do.

Why do Clinton and McCain admire each other? Because both support a centrist, principled, and professional foreign policy.

While Clinton and McCain have done the hard, behind-the-scenes work that’s important to get things done, Obama’s camp engages in the audacity of nothingness. From Obama hyping “a speech that he gave in 2002” to his supporters complaining that McCain did not praise him enough, Obama has done a lot of things other than hard, behind-the-scenes work.

Props to Weekly Standard for linking to the video on Obama’s “high-falutin'” rhetoric.