Criticism Begging Criticism

Curtis’ criticisms of John McCain (ses The Audacity of Faith in Opinion and The Audacity of Hope in Barack Obama for examples) are becoming increasingly strained.

The current round began when Curtis claimed to see a hidden contradiction in John McCain’s words. After numerous requests for citations (which first were to the derived source of an edited campaign video, and then the vague source of “It’s there in his own words, his own face, his own voice, his own PR moment.,” and finally to actual transcripts), Curtis produces a couple of in-context quotes where John McCain stated than the short wars in Iraq would be easy and the long war in Iraq is hard.

Obviously, the disinction between short wars (blitzkrieg, 3GW type affairs) and long wars (people’s wars, 4GW, etc) are well known to readers of this blog. Indeed, knowledge of the difference between take-down and take-over has been basic to the western war of war for several millenia.

So Curtis’s attack on McCain only works if one believes an even stranger attack: that McCain does not have basic background knowledge on how war works. Curtis’s words would not convince anyone who does not already believe. However, they are illustrative (I think) of the theological nature of Obama support… to paraphrase my friend Aaron, beliving in Obama doesn’t take any more faith than believing in the Resurrection.