Quemoy in the News

What the Taiwanese call Kinmen County, the Chinese “Jinmen,” and Americans “Quemoy,” are part of the broader “Quemoy and Matsu Islands.” They were the Chinese equivalent of the Korean DMZ — only more violent. The islands were controlled throughout the cold war by Taiwan and the KMT, and often shelled by Communist China and the People’s Liberation Army. Indeed, a former governor of South Dakota received a purple heart for being injured by Communist fire many years ago, when he was in the military.

Now Kinmen is the place to be! Relations between the KMT (returned to power after the recent elections) and the Chinese Communist Party are warm. Yesterday the Governor of Kinmen was being interviewed by CCTV… which really surprised by yeye: “How can Chinese and Taiwanese sit down together?”

All Taiwanese will be able to visit China by passing through Kinmen


Kinmen may buy water from China

Now if only the CCP would be as reasonable in Tibet, that other land supposedly under “one-country two-systems.”