Electoral College Blowout

Besides sitting in the comfy Untied EconomyPlus seatshad a many hour layover at San Francisco yesterday. Made the best of it by hoping the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit system) from SFO to the Embarcadero, near the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge

Neither Beijing nor South Dakota

It wasn’t a typical travel day, chilly, overcast, and a bit wet. But it actually felt great. Had breakfast sandwiches and coffee inside, while reading the San Francisco Chronicle. Briefly walked near the Bay to take some photos, but the ambiance is hard to capture in a moment.

The reason for the trip was not just to avoid living in the airport, but to add another state to my Electoral Vote total. Now that I’ve been in non-airport California, I get to add the Bear Flag Republic to my total. Additionally, Mother of tdaxp informed me that I stayed in both Tennessee and Alabama as an infant. This brings me up to 359 Electoral Votes — a blowout by any measure.

Map courtesy of 270towin.com.

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  1. Hmm, I have more total states, but I only win by 8 EVs. That’s what I get for growing up in the Mountain West.

  2. This is a neat idea (and learning tool, too) … do airports count or not? Texas would sure give me a whole lotta “votes,” but I’ve only been through George W. Bush Airport in Houston, and have never been atop real Texas dirt.

  3. To count a state, you need to buy something or sleep overnight, neither in an airport. Thus, if I hadn’t gone to San Francisco, Cali wouldn’t’ve counted.

    I think Biz came up with the idea…

  4. Alas, I’m still North Dakota shy of a unanimous victory…. (And any thoughts of bounding up from your wedding reception in SD were summarily dashed when I realized it would have added 300+ miles to the Meademobile!)

    Neat pix from the Embarcadero. If you look closely, thru the fog beneath the Bay Bridge, you just may see the tip of Alameda — the town where I grew up.

    The Governator thanks you for your sales tax dollars as you make the Republic a “Red State”! Now to get you through the Rockies and the Continental Divide… (And never mind those tiny states in the northeast — out west we call those “counties”! 🙂

  5. I am only at 253, still a bit short of the goal. But I’ll be on a panel at a conference in Los Angeles in March, which I suppose will officially make me president of the United States. 😉

  6. Ouch, the new rules drop me down to 187. That’s what I get for letting my parents cover the snacks tab on road trips.

  7. I was in San Francisco for a conference a few weeks ago. In fact, in your first photo, if you turned around, you would see where the conference was held, the Hyatt Regency. But, more importantly, did you take the 15-minute walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf (Pier 39) to see the Sea Lions? When I saw them, they were barking-up a storm.

  8. Thanks for all the great comments! But I need to confess I overestimated by Electoral Count by 5 electors — I’ve never been to West Virginia, so (like Obama) I have something of an Appalachian problem! 🙂


    As any true patriot will tell you, the so-called “State of North Dakota” is merely those counties north of the Seventh Standard Parallel under the criminal rule of the Bismarck Regime… obviously a front for Kaiserine Imperialists, William Lind, and other troublemakers.

    As soon as the “warlord provinces” are recovered, we can proceed to enforcing our claim to the Duluth Corridor that will provide Dakota with access to the sea, and then enjoy our rightful place in the sun!


    Congrats on your coming victory!


    Family- or friend- purchases count as well. So when I took Biz out to Ohio to buy him lunch (and claim those electoral votes for myself), he earned them too.


    We didn’t hope the streetcar to Fiserhman’s Wharf, because we were worried about being delayed by security once we returned to SFO. (We shouldn’t’ve been… it was wicked fast.) Still, the scenery was gorgeous, and I know understand why people by Clear Cards! [1]

    [1] http://www.flyclear.com/

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