The Greatest Thing Since Jack Chick’s Conversion to the Cthulhu Cult

It doesn’t quite top “Who will be eaten first?,” but LOLCthulhus are still hilarious:

From the Wired piece:

Cthulhu Cthursday: LOLCthulhus | Table of Malcontents from
Is there anything more loathsome, more indicative of the rife idiot stupidity of the Internet than the LOLCats meme? The endless repetition of the exact same joke (photograph of surprised cat implausible misspelling) done over and over and over again. Have you ever opened Photoshop, inserted a picture of your cat and then superimposed a sentence beginning with “O HAI” in a bold white Impact font? Congratulations. You are a lowest common denominator idiot and, quite frankly, you’re lucky Stalin ruined that whole gulag idea for everyone.

On the other hand, LOL Cthulhu? Now there’s a meme we can all get behind. How long, though, before someone soils even this fine thing by ‘cleverly’ mating this hilarious, tentacled genre with its retarded feline cousin, unleashing the bastard spawn LOLCathulhus upon the world? God damn you, whoever you are.

More at LOLthulhu.

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Thing Since Jack Chick’s Conversion to the Cthulhu Cult”

  1. As a regular visitor of 4chan, it’s all about the “lulz.” As long as that happens the meme will never get old. Especially, hilarious mutations of mentioned meme.

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